Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alcohol News - week 39/2008

EuropeNews (Norway) - Norway: Alcohol as an obstacle for integration

The International Health and Social Group (IHSG) is arranging an evening at the Central Jammat-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat mosque in Oslo on Sep. 24th. The theme of the evening is alcohol policy in an inclusive perspective.

Science Daily - Drinking Alcohol Before 15 Years Of Age Is Risky For Later Alcohol Problems

It may seem like a minor point, but it matters when someone takes their first drink of alcohol relative to later development of alcohol problems.

Bloomberg (Botswana) - Botswana Court Blocks 30 Percent Alcohol Levy, Daily News Says

Botswana's High Court blocked a government plan to impose a 30 percent tax on alcoholic beverages pending the appointment of a panel of judges to hear brewers' opposition to the plan, the Daily News reported.

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol-related hospital visits rocket, with ladettes the worst

DRUNKEN female party animals are inundating NSW hospital emergency departments in record numbers.

Science Daily - Neuropeptide Y System Linked To More Severe Form Of Alcohol Dependence

Previous animal research showed an association between the neuropeptide Y (NPY) pathway and its three receptor genes and response to alcohol and cocaine.

Morning Advertiser (UK) - Low alcohol wine can appeal British ban

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) banned sales of 8% abv Sovio after claiming it breaches European regulations but it has now been granted a Judicial Review.

Irish Medical News (Ireland) - Alcohol consumption down in 2008

There has been a “very significant” decline in alcohol consumption so far this year, according to the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI). The Irish College of Psychiatrists (ICP) recently called for a ban on alcohol advertising as an international study revealed alcohol consumption here has risen by 40 per cent over the past 15 years and that it results in 1,500 deaths each year.

Newstrack India (India) - Indian-origin scientist blocks alcohol damage to foetal brain

In a study on foetal alcohol syndrome, a team led by an Indian-origin scientist was able to prevent alcohol damage in a key area of the foetal brain - the cerebellum.

7thSpace Interactive (Japan) - Under-diagnosis of alcohol-related problems and depression in a family practice in Japan

AimThe aim of this survey was to assess the accuracy of a family physician's diagnosis of depression and alcoholism. (Nepal) - Nepal cracks down on alcohol sale for ‘vice control’

As part of the new Maoist-led government’s drive to remove the “widespread vices in society”, Nepal has begun cracking down on the sale of alcohol and tobacco goods in the Himalayan republic, closing duty-free spirit shops at the sole international airport and confiscating bottles stowed away in passengers’ luggage.

The Herald (UK) - More sophisticated response is needed to tackle alcohol problems

The report that Scots drink more per head than the rest of the UK (The Herald, September 26) mistakenly focuses on overall consumption rather than the importance of tackling individuals' patterns of drinking.

Wavah Broadcasting Company (Uganda) - Alcohol leading cause of domestic violence

A new research conducted by the Steadman Group has shown that alcohol consumption is the leading cause of domestic violence in Uganda.

Science Daily - 'Casual' Smokers Have A Greater Risk Of Hazardous Drinking And Alcohol-use Disorders

Non-daily or "casual" smokers tend to slip through the cracks of prevention efforts. Yet casual smoking and heavy drinking are prevalent behaviors among young adults and, furthermore, casual smoking occurs primarily in the context of alcohol use.

BBC News (Scotland) - Students attack drink sales ban

Plans to raise the age at which young people can buy alcohol from shops from 18 to 21 have come under further pressure at parliament.

The Local (Sweden) - Swedes smuggling less booze into the country

The smuggling of spirits and beer into Sweden has dropped by 35 percent during the first half of the year, according to researchers at Stockholm University. (Ireland) - One in five now drink excessively

A WORRYING one in five Irish people are drinking "excessively" every single week and a significant number are drinking at levels well above those recommended by international health bodies, new research shows.

NewsRoom Finland (Finland) - Finnish attitudes toward alcohol harden

The Finnish Centre for Health Promotion (Tekry) said at its annual alcohol and drug seminar on Tuesday that the Finnish public's stance toward alcohol abuse had hardened since two years ago.

Corporations and Health Watch (USA) - Alcopops: State by State Battle to End Corporate Tax Fraud

Alcopops are a relatively new product category in the United States. The alcohol industry labels the youth-friendly products “flavored malt beverages” to take advantage of more favorable tax rates for beer.

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