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Alcohol News - week 36/2008

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BBC News (Scotland) - Minister hears booze ban success

Scotland's health minister has said a pilot scheme which prevents off-licence sales of alcohol to under 21s could help bring a cultural shift.

Scotsman (Scotland) - Rise in Scots suffering alcohol-related brain damage

INCREASING numbers of Scots are literally drinking themselves senseless, according to new figures released yesterday. (UK) - Five pubs closing every day as landlords struggle with high taxes and credit crisis

Landlords are struggling to cope with the burden of red tape, higher alcohol duties and falling customer numbers as the credit crisis bites.

Sunday Standard (Botswana) - Government on the verge of abandoning the 70% alcohol

Fearing a possible backlash ahead of next year’s General Elections, President Ian Khama’s close advisors are said to be on the verge of convincing him to abandon his plans to introduce a 70% alcohol levy.

Market Wire (Canada) - MADD Canada calls for Mandatory Alcohol Ignition Interlock Programs

All the Canadian provinces and territories received poor grades for failing to establish mandatory alcohol ignition interlock programs for impaired driving offenders.

Reuters (UK) - Minister raps radio DJs for glorifying alcohol

Radio DJs should stop glorifying being drunk to help tackle the rising problem of binge-drinking among young people, the government said on Friday.

Sunday Herald (UK) - Fears for ‘hidden’ children born with alcohol syndrome

PREGNANT WOMAN in Scotland are to be told to abstain completely from drinking as medics warned that the nation has a huge and hidden population of sufferers of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). - Binge drinking women often engage in risky sex

The researchers from John Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore say their research has revealed that binge drinking, apart from the more obvious negative outcomes, also increases the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and this is more so in the case of women.

Joy Online (Ghana) - Africans must curb harmful use of alcohol

African countries have been called upon to curb the harmful use of alcohol, a practice which experts say poses a serious threat to the Region’s health and development efforts.

U.S. News & World Report - Neighborhood Alcohol Outlets Tied to Kids' Injury Risk

The more places that sell alcohol in a neighborhood, the greater the number of injuries that occur to children who live there, a new study reports.

Irish Times (Ireland) - 'Massive loophole' in alcohol licensing law

THE GOVERNMENT has left a "massive loophole" in recent alcohol licensing legislation by failing to control home delivery sales of drink, former PD leader Michael McDowell has said.

Chicago Tribune (USA) - Alcohol and those under 21 don't mix

About this time last year a 19-year-old Bradley University soccer player died when four of his friends lit Roman candles, accidentally setting his bedroom on fire as he slept. All had been drinking, including the victim. Three of the four students—who would end up in jail—also played soccer for Bradley.,0,625820.story

The Associated Press (USA) - Study: 12 percent of Indian deaths due to alcohol

Almost 12 percent of the deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives are alcohol-related — more than three times the percentage in the general population, a new federal report says.

Turkish Daily News (Turkey) - Night team to protect public against alcohol in capital

According to Ankara's mayor, a new 'night inspection team' is intended to provide safety, but for other municipal politicians the move is an encroachment on their powers and one more step toward banning alcohol in the capital.

This is London (UK) - You're booked! Police hand out yellow cards to rowdy drinkers

Aggressive drinkers are being handed 'yellow cards' banning them from the area for up to 48 hours.'re+booked!+Police+hand+out+yellow+cards+to+rowdy+drinkers/

The Courier - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder awarness day Sept. 9

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) awareness day is September 9, 2008. Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a birth defect syndrome caused by maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy and is the most clinically recognizable form of a larger group of problems caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Gulf Daily News (Bahrain) - Total ban on alcohol urged

An MP yesterday called on authorities to impose a total ban on alcoholic drinks and close down bars at hotels.

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