Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Alcohol News - week 34/2008

Times Online (France) - French curb on alcohol sales as teenagers discover le binge drinking

Teenagers are to be banned from buying alcohol in France, as health advisers dismiss the cherished Gallic belief that children should be initiated in the art of wine-drinking at an early age.

Science Daily - Alcohol Consumption Can Cause Too Much Cell Death, Fetal Abnormalities

The initial signs of fetal alcohol syndrome are slight but classic: facial malformations such as a flat and high upper lip, small eye openings and a short nose.

Chicago Tribune (USA) - Keep the drinking age at 21

A group of some 120 college presidents is pushing to lower the drinking age to 18, in an effort to curb binge drinking on campus. They've got an impressive name, the Amethyst Initiative, named after the ancient Greek words that mean "not intoxicated.",0,7335398.story
Will Lowering Alcohol Age Reduce Binge Drinking?
A lower drinking age will bring bingeing boom
How Old Is Old Enough for Alcohol?

Bloomberg (Japan) - Japan's Alcohol-Related Accidents Cut by Half, Yomiuri Says

Accidents in Japan caused by drunk drivers have fallen by half since stricter penalties were imposed after a 2006 hit-and-run accident killed three children, the Yomiuri newspaper said, citing the National Police Agency.

The MedGuru - Excessive Alcohol Use May Delay Childbearing in Women

Both teenage and adult females with alcohol dependence (AD) may experience delayed childbearing, a new study from Washington University School of Medicine suggests. The results of the new study indicate that alcohol use in women can cause reproductive dysfunctions.

Finfacts (Ireland) - Irish consumers spent €2.6 billion more on alcohol and cigarettes than food in 2007

Irish consumers spent €2.6 billion more on alcohol and cigarettes than food in 2007. Agri Aware, the farming and food educational body, has also revealed that for every €1 spent on food, consumers are spending €0.73 more on alcohol, tobacco and mobile phones.

Nation Multimedia (Thailand) - Alcohol firms 'breaking law with billboard ads'

Alcohol companies have violated new consumption laws over the past six months by advertising their products on billboards. And this could cause them to be fined Bt 11.5 million, Kamron Choodej, the coordinator of a network that seeks to limit consumption, said yesterday.

The Press Association (UK) - Young people's health 'neglected'

The Tories warned that the number of teens being admitted to hospital for alcohol or smoking related problems has soared in England since 2000.

Irish Times (Ireland) - Bill to reform late opening for pubs

NEW LAWS will make it easier for pubs or nightclubs to stay open late at night instead of owners having to repeatedly apply to the courts for extensions to their opening hours.

The Baltic Course (Estonia) - Rise in alcohol excise duty in Finland increased vodka sales in Estonia

An increase in alcohol excise duty in Finland at the beginning of the year 2008 stimulated increase in the amount of alcohol bought abroad, including Estonia, the Baltic Business News Channel reported.

Scotsman (UK) - Isles drink abuse too widespread to target one group

ALCOHOL problems in the Western Isles are so widespread that experts find it difficult to decide which section of the population to target.

Baltic Business News (Estonia) - Raise in alcohol excise duty turns retailers into speculators

Several alcohol producers in Estonia have amassed tax liabilities, mainly for inability to pay alcohol excise duty.

Malta Independent Online (Malta) - Control of drugs, alcohol abuse top list of priorities for youths

The control of drugs and alcohol abuse should be the main issues of priority according to Maltese youths, who also believe that lack of information, lengthy procedures and red tape are the main problems keeping children back from defending their rights.

Science Daily - Sports Stadiums Serve Alcohol To Minors And Intoxicated Fans, Study Suggests

In a novel study looking at the propensity of illegal alcohol sales at sports stadiums, researchers reported that nearly one in five people posing as underage drinkers, and three out of four seemingly intoxicated "fans" were able to buy alcohol at professional sporting events.

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