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Alcohol News - 24/2023

News Medical (China) - Rising alcohol consumption in China linked to increased risk of 61 diseases
A recent study published in Nature Medicine evaluates the associations between alcohol consumption and the risk of diseases in Chinese adults.
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Medical Xpress - Alcohol and smoking to blame for premature deaths among night owls, 37-year study suggests
Staying up late at night has little impact on how long 'night owls' live, according to new research published in the peer-reviewed journal Chronobiology International.
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Healthing - It causes seven types of cancer and birth defects. Should alcohol have a warning label?
“When I buy a can of corn, I know how many milligrams of calcium there are and I know how much is the serving size, but there’s nothing on the bottle of alcohol, except that it says ‘V 40%.’ What is that? I don’t know.”
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Irish News (Northern Ireland) - Drinkers urged to rethink habits ahead of NI Alcohol Awareness Week
ADULTS in the north have been urged to "rethink" their drinking habits ahead of NI Alcohol Awareness Week. The Belfast-based ASCERT charity, which works to reduce drug and alcohol harm, said a "significant number" of people here consume too much alcohol, with levels of problem drinking having increased in recent years.
Read more (Ireland) - Links between sexual violence and alcohol or drug use highlighted in new student study
Links between sexual violence incidence rates and alcohol consumption or the use of drugs, are highlighted in new research on first year college students.
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Daily Monitor (Uganda) - Alcohol industry funded rehab centres are not the solution
The alcohol industry can never help people stop drinking, which is the purpose of rehabilitation.
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EurekAlert! - Excessive alcohol consumption may accelerate Alzheimer’s disease progression
Scripps Research and University of Bologna scientists showed how excessive alcohol consumption in animals can hasten cognitive decline in those genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease
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Fortune - Rampant air rage may be even worse this summer as packed planes and alcohol create a ‘recipe for violence’
A warning as the Northern Hemisphere summer travel season kicks off: air rage is rampant in the post-pandemic world.
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Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) - Police want public drinking ban in Queenstown and Wānaka
A complete ban on public drinking in central Queenstown and Wānaka would give the best chance of minimising alcohol-related harm in the resort towns, police say.
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IAS Blog - Unveiling the hidden health hazards of alcohol use
Alcohol consumption is prevalent around the world and is increasing in many middle-income countries including China. While the harmful effects of heavy drinking for certain major diseases (e.g., liver cirrhosis, stroke and several types of cancer) are well established, the broader impact of alcohol use on a wide range of diseases remains largely unexplored.
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Movendi (Germany) - Two Thirds of Germans in Favour of Alcohol Health Warning Labels
A brand new survey indicates that a majority of Germans are in favor of having warning labels on alcoholic beverages. In a YouGov poll, 67% of respondents expressed support for labels warning about the health risks linked with alcohol use.
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NordAN (Sweden) - IOGT-NTO mobilizes support for Swedish alcohol monopoly with new petition
IOGT-NTO has launched a new petition amidst growing concerns over a proposed shift in Swedish alcohol policy. The proposed change to allow direct alcohol sales by producers, popularly known as 'farm sales', is under active discussion in the Swedish Government.
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Newcastle University - Adhering to global health recommendations reduces cancer risk
People who adhere to global Cancer Prevention Recommendations are putting themselves at lower risk of developing the disease, new research confirms.
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NordAN (Norway) - Norway: 1 out of 2 Promote Alcohol on Social Media
A new report from the analytics firm Rambøll reveals that roughly half of the surveyed alcohol manufacturers and suppliers are breaching the advertising ban on social media.
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NordAN (Denmark) - Early intervention makes a difference for children and parents in families with substance abuse
Specialized therapy, parental coaching, and social activities help children and parents from families struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. This is demonstrated by a comprehensive evaluation conducted by psychologist and PhD Helle Lindgaard among children and parents in the treatment offering of the Blue Cross, Children's Blue House (Barnets Blå Hus).
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