Friday, August 26, 2022

Alcohol News - 34/2022

CNN - Increased alcohol use linked with higher risk of cancer in new study
People who increased the amount of alcohol they drank also had an increased risk of cancer, according to the results of a large study in Korea published on Wednesday in JAMA Network Open.
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The Conversation - ‘Oh well, wine o’clock’: what midlife women told us about drinking – and why it’s so hard to stop
While alcohol reduction campaigns ask us to check our relationship with alcohol, emphasising the role it can play in causing violence and disease, our research has found many Australian women view alcohol in a different way.
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Scoop (New Zealand) - Council Supports Proposed Change To Alcohol Law
Kāpiti Coast District Mayor K Gurunathan says Council has heard the call from communities distressed about the negative impacts of alcohol, especially in Ōtaki, and will support proposed changes to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act.
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Medical Xpress - Reducing alcohol consumption by working out
Researchers at Karolinska Institutet present new findings about alcohol consumption reduced by training. The three related papers, published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, report findings from the randomized controlled trial, FitForChange.
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Employment Screening Resources (USA) - Statistics Show Alcohol Still the #1 Substance of Abuse in the Workplace
Despite the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana having a direct impact on drug testing in the workplace, government statistics show there are still many more alcohol users and abusers in the U.S. than marijuana users, according to an article by Bill Current, President and Founder of Current Consulting Group.
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The Sidney Morning Herald - These harrowing cancer statistics can actually be good news
Until recently, it was believed that lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, a lack of physical activity and poor diet were implicated in one-third of all deaths from cancer. Now, research published in The Lancet on Friday has revealed that figure is closer to half of global cancer deaths.
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IAS Blog - The COVID hangover: more urgency is needed to tackle alcohol harm as an indirect effect of the pandemic
Previous blogs have covered how drinking patterns in the UK changed during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. In short, hiding behind relatively flat alcohol sales overall, there has been a sustained rise in the proportion of people drinking at increasing or higher risk levels, as well as evidence that heavier drinkers increased their consumption the most.
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Medical Xpress - Tobacco, alcohol are main causes of cancer worldwide: Study
Nearly half of cancers worldwide can be traced back to a known risk factor, primarily tobacco or alcohol, a huge global study found on Friday, which said that behavioral changes can help reduce the threat of disease.
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World Cancer Research Fund - Only 1 in 2 over-55s aware alcohol increases cancer risk
Leading cancer prevention and survival charity highlights low awareness of the links between alcohol and cancer in new poll.
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Albert Lea Tribune (USA) - Editorial Roundup: The high cost of the state’s alcohol abuse
Minnesota has a drinking problem. A recent study from the state Department of Health (MDH), published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, documents that excessive alcohol consumption costs Minnesota nearly $8 billion yearly, around $1,400 per resident, based on 2019 data.
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