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Alcohol News - 31/2022

National Records of Scotland (Scotland) - Slight increase in Alcohol-specific Deaths
1,245 people died from conditions caused by alcohol in Scotland in 2021, according to latest figures published by National Records of Scotland.
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The Guardian (UK) - Britain has a drinking problem – and the alcohol industry can’t afford to let us kick it
We’ve all heard the refrain: “Britain has a drinking problem.” It’s an issue that long predates the Covid-19 pandemic, but evidence for this claim seems more stark than ever.
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Brattelboro Reformer - White: Alcohol use in older adults: The hidden risks
Problematic alcohol use in older adults is something of a hidden issue. We often think of substance use problems as an issue that starts in adolescence or young adulthood, but this doesn’t apply to everyone. In fact, alcohol use in those over 60 has been increasing for the past two decades, and even more so among women.
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KUNM (Mexico) - Let's Talk about the impact of alcohol on New Mexico
Let's Talk New Mexico, 8/04 8a: We hear a lot about drugs like opioids, fentanyl and meth in New Mexico. But another substance is involved in more deaths than all of those drugs combined: alcohol.
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Sidney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol harm to bystanders ‘costs Australia $20 billion a year’
More than two-thirds of Australian adults have been adversely affected by someone else’s alcohol consumption, costing the country an estimated $20 billion a year in emergency healthcare, caring and lost productivity.
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Times Now - Reasons why and how should talk to your teenager about drugs and alcohol
Teenagers will always remain rebels, experimental, and impressionable no matter what era. It is, however, very important to be their friend and guide rather than a tyrant for parents trying to banish them without any explanation. Teenagers trying out drugs and alcohol is not uncommon but they need to be told in a caring, supportive, and nurturing manner about the flipside of these vices.
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Alcohol Health Alliance - Alcohol packaging could have an important role in delivering health messaging
Alcohol packaging can be used to communicate the harms associated with consumption. Daniel Jones, a research assistant at the University of Stirling, assessed a sample of young adults’ exposure to, and engagement with, current messaging on packs, support for displaying product and health-related information, and reactions to novel warnings. In this blog, he reflects on the findings.
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GQ - Here's Exactly How Bad Drinking Alcohol Is for Your Skin
Drinking can take a serious toll on your skin. Hopefully pointing this doesn’t make make me a buzzkill, because we assume most adults know firsthand how alcohol impacts them. There’s the obvious correlation between a big night out and the next-morning raccoon eyes.
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The Hindu (India) - Finance Minister Palanivel Thiaga Rajan hints at revisiting State’s alcohol policy
Tamil Nadu Minister for Finance and Human Resources Palanivel Thiaga Rajan on Wednesday said the State was looking at revisiting its alcohol policy, and it is in active discussion.
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Stuff (New Zealand) - 'Just tinkering around the edges', alcohol policy should go further – expert
A new policy is proposing to change the time alcohol can be purchased from stores in Tauranga. The move is welcomed by an alcohol harm reduction advocate, but they warn it doesn’t go far enough.
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NordAN (Sweden) - Seven out of ten Swedes are worried about the lack of a blood alcohol limit for electric bikes
It is not illegal to ride an electric scooter with a blood alcohol level, the rules are the same as for regular bikes. At the same time, electric scooters are becoming increasingly common in injury statistics, with 72% of Swedes now saying they are concerned that there is no blood alcohol limit for electric scooters in particular.
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