Thursday, May 19, 2022

Alcohol News - 20/2022

YLE (Finland) - THL: Finns' alcohol consumption drops from 2020 level
Overall alcohol consumption in Finland fell by 3 percent last year compared to 2020, according to a report published on Thursday by public health authority THL.
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NordAN (Finland) - How did the 2018 amendment to the Alcohol Act affect alcohol sales?
In 2018, a new Alcohol Act came into force in Finland. In terms of the expected impact on alcohol consumption, the introduction of stronger beers and long drinks in grocery stores marked the most significant change. THL, among others, predicted that this would increase consumption and harm. So what can be said about the effects now that time has passed?
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AZCentral - 'I was the king of reasons': Why the pandemic has been so hard on addicts
The last two years have led to more stress, anxiety and isolation - a lethal combination for people with addictions, especially alcohol. But help is available.
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The Mayor (Czech Republic) - Prague wants to ban consumption of alcohol in over 1,000 public places
On 17 May, the Czech City of Prague revealed its plans to update its existing ban on alcohol consumption. At the moment, citizens are prohibited from drinking alcohol in around 800 public places in the capital. With the new decree, this number would increase to just over 1,000.
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Global News (Canada) - Alcohol, cannabis ban in effect for at Saskatchewan parks over long weekend
As the Victoria Day long weekend nears, those planning on camping at a Saskatchewan park are being reminded that an alcohol and recreational cannabis ban is in effect.
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Stuff (New Zealand) - Doctors' stark alcohol warning: 'The more booze, the more cancer'
Too few Kiwis know alcohol can cause cancers, including breast cancer, health experts say. While many know tobacco causes lung cancer, scores are unaware that alcohol is a group 1 carcinogen – alongside asbestos and gamma radiation. Even if consumed in small amounts, it increases the risk of several types of cancer, the Cancer Society says.
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Lx - This Millennial Wants to Take the Alcohol Out of Social Drinking
The term “sober-curious” isn’t new, but over the past few years more Millennials and members of Gen Z are embracing the movement and opting out of the booze on big nights out – and not for the reasons you might think.
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Notes from Poland (Poland) - Poles buying less alcohol but spending more on it following tax increases
Poles are buying less alcohol but spending more money on it following the introduction of a new surcharge on alcoholic and sugary drinks at the start of last year and a recent increase in excise duty.
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New York Post - Disney+ won’t take ads for alcohol, politics amid Florida flap
Disney is keeping its streaming service squeaky clean amid its recent flap over Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law.
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Medical Xpress - WHO Foundation should not accept donations from the alcohol Industry
To protect the independence and integrity of WHO, WHO Foundation should not accept donations from the alcohol industry according to a commentary published in the journal BMJ Global Health.
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The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre - The value of prevention: reducing alcohol consumption
The Prevention Centre was commissioned by NSW Health and Cancer Institute NSW to conduct an evidence review on the value of primary prevention to reduce alcohol consumption.
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IAS Blog (UK) - Healthy life expectancy: why tackling alcohol is key
As I write, we await publication of the UK Government’s Health Disparities White paper, which promises to set out plans to enable people across the country to live longer, healthier lives.
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