Thursday, November 28, 2019

Alcohol News - 48/2019

Irish Times (Ireland) - Harris criticises drinks industry role in educating schoolchildren about alcohol
The involvement of the drinks industry in educating young people on the dangers of alcohol is “completely and utterly bizarre”, Minister for Health Simon Harris has said.
ERR News (Estonia/Latvia) - Estonians' drive to buy alcohol in Latvia subsiding
Last year, nearly one in three adults in Estonia had purchased alcohol in Latvia. While in earlier years, Estonians frequently made dedicated trips to Latvia to purchase alcohol, nowadays they are more likely to buy alcohol when already traveling through. - Even modest alcohol consumption can still pose risks for teens, study suggests
A survey from a team of Ontario researchers suggests even modest amounts of alcohol consumption during someone's high school years can lead to more problematic drinking habits.
The Brussels Times (Belgium) - Public alcohol consumption in central Brussels to be banned from February 2020
The consumption of alcohol during the night in central Brussels will be banned from 1 February over a six-month test phase.
Medical Xpress - Alcohol and tobacco policies can reduce cancer deaths: study
Policies aimed at cutting alcohol and tobacco consumption, including the introduction of random breath testing programs and bans on cigarette advertising, have resulted in a significant reduction in Australian cancer death rates, new research shows. (Czech Republic) - Alcohol advertisements should not depict living people, says Czech Health Minister
Alcohol advertisements should not depict living beings and the health sector is preparing a bill to limit how long they can be displayed, Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtech (for ANO) said at the expert Alcohol and Tobacco 2019 conference today.
BBC News (Northern Ireland) - New unit for 'forgotten' patients with alcohol related brain damage
Patients with alcohol related brain damage (ARBD) have been referred to as a forgotten group - and Heather Magee is one of them.
BBC News (UK) - Alcohol-related brain damage: 'I've realised there's more to life than drink'
Heather Magee showed symptoms of dementia - but these were caused by her alcohol abuse. Now, she has found a way back to a better life.
Medical Xpress - Patterns of youth alcohol use show need for early intervention
Youth who drink a few times per month in grade 9 are likely to become weekly—and even binge—drinkers in the following years, says a recent University of Waterloo study.
Euro Weekly News (Spain) - Increase in alcohol poisoning in Spain
ALCOHOL abuse in Catalonia, Spain has led to emergency services caring for a large number of young people every weekend.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Whanganui alcohol policy limits entry to premises with late licences
Some of Whanganui's licensed premises are about to lose their revolving doors - for one hour before their closing time anyway.
Newswise - How your drinking co-workers affect the workplace
Excessive drinking by workers can place a burden on colleagues, whether through absenteeism, reduced productivity or alcohol-related accidents in the workplace.
This report (PDF) goes beyond the cost of alcohol-related impaired driving to consider the full range of alcohol-related costs imposed on Wisconsin’s taxpayers and residents.
Taipei Times - Drinking once a week can increase cancer risk: study
People who drink alcoholic drinks at least once per week are 19 times more likely to develop hypopharyngeal cancer than those who do not drink, researchers with the National Health Research Institute (NHRI) said yesterday.
Baltic News Network (Lithuania) - OECD: Lithuanians, among rich nations, having highest alcohol consumption
Alcohol consumption in Lithuania is the highest compared to other 43 countries in the world, found the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), also referred to as the «rich-nations club».

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