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Alcohol News - 28/2019

Medical News Today - Giving up alcohol may significantly boost mental health
The debate as to whether moderate drinking is good, bad, or has no effect on health has been ongoing for years. Now, a new study suggests that people — especially women — who give up alcohol can experience better mental health and reach levels of well-being almost on a par with those of lifelong abstainers.
The Guardian (UK) - The bigger picture on what alcohol costs us
David Smyth (Cancer, obesity and Boris Johnson’s ‘sin tax’ error, Letters, 8 July) says: “It looks to me as if the cost of treating those requiring medical attention because of their drinking will be more than met by the taxes paid by drinkers generally.”
Metro (UK) - Sick of summer drinking? Sainsbury’s is launching an alcohol-free pub
Alcohol and summer in Britain famously go hand-in-hand. At the merest rumour of the sun, many of us to head straight to the nearest pub and pay £5 a pint for the privilege of jostling for space on the pavement outside.
Medical News Today - Beating addiction: Why our brains may struggle to ignore alcohol, food cues
New research offers fascinating insights into how our brains ignore environmental cues of addictive substances or habits, why it's harder to ignore such cues when we're stressed, and how we might be able to beat addiction.
Medical News Today - What to know about alcohol and brain damage
Alcohol begins affecting a person's brain as soon as it enters the bloodstream. In a healthy person, the liver quickly filters alcohol, helping the body get rid of the drug. However, when a person drinks to excess, the liver cannot filter the alcohol fast enough, and this triggers immediate changes in the brain.
INSIDER - It's not just secondhand smoke — secondhand alcohol exposure is really what you should be worried about
Non-smokers often have visceral reactions if someone lights up a cigarette nearby — the dangers of secondhand smoke are well-established, and it's usually clear when you're at risk.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Finland to raise €75m by increasing alcohol and soft drink taxes in 2020
THE FINNISH GOVERNMENT will introduce the increases in alcohol and soft drink taxes laid out in the government programme in full as early as next year. (Ireland) - Charity used funds for alcohol at party
An organisation providing support for people with disabilities has been criticised by HSE auditors for using funds to buy alcohol for Christmas parties.
Northern Daily - News Alcohol marketing influences youths' decision to drink
Thrill-seeking and impulsive behaviours can be part of the teenage years, and the addition of alcohol can place the already at-risk teen at an even higher risk for social harms, physical injuries, and premature death. (Canada) - Toronto’s top doctor sounds alarm on Ontario’s loosened alcohol regulations
Toronto‘s top doctor is sounding the alarm about the provincial government’s loosened rules around alcohol sales and consumption.
BBC News (Portugal/Wales) - Portugal opposes Welsh minimum alcohol price law
The Portuguese government is concerned its country's wines would be "less competitive" in Wales under plans for a minimum price of alcohol. (Latvia) - Excise tax to be reduced for strong alcohol in Latvia
On Monday, 8 July, Latvia’s Saeima approved in the final reading amendments to the Excise Tax Law by 15%, reducing excise tax rate for strong alcohol.
The Slovak Spectator (Slovakia) - Slovaks consumed the record amount of alcohol last year
The consumption of alcohol in Slovakia rose to the highest level since 2015 last year. It was also higher than the European average, according to the statistics of the World Health Organisation (WHO). (Latvia) - Latvia’s health ministry pushes to limit alcohol ads
In order to reduce the prevalence of alcohol consumption and harm to public health, it is planned to introduce new restrictions on alcohol availability and advertising in the coming years, while improving the treatment and rehabilitation services of alcohol addiction. Alcohol consumption is increasing every year in Latvia, so it is important to limit its availability and to explain to society the negative impact of alcohol on health. (Latvia) - Latvian Physicians support Health Ministry's alcohol advertising ban
Narcologists express support of the Health Ministry's (VM) plan for reducing alcohol consumption, reported LSM's Latvian service on July 5. The Riga Center for Psychiatry and Narcology noted that the ministry's planned restrictions are aimed primarily at adolescents.
ABC Life (Australia) - Support for those wanting to give up drinking alcohol in 2019
It's Dry July — and like Feb fast and other alcohol-free challenges throughout the year — some of you are putting the lid back on the bottle and using this as a chance to cut back on your drinking.
Canberra Times - A very inconvenient truth: alcohol isn't good for us
It's unfortunate but true - alcohol is a carcinogen and there is no safe dose. Alcohol use increases the risk of mouth, throat, liver, bowel and breast cancers, and is estimated to be responsible for one in 20 deaths around the world.
BBC (UK) - Alcohol abuse affects one in five UK inpatients, study suggests
One in five people admitted to a UK hospital drinks alcohol in a harmful way and one in 10 depends on it, a study suggests.
France 24 (African Union) - Tax alcohol, tobacco, to tackle cancer: African Union first ladies
First ladies attending the African Union summit in Niger on Saturday called for a rise in taxes for cancer-causing products such as tobacco and alcohol.

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