Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Alcohol News - 13/2019

Irish Health (Ireland) - Dublin to host international alcohol conference
A major international conference on alcohol policy is to be held in Ireland next year, it has been announced.
FRANCE 24 (France) - ‘Quoi, just two glasses?’ French urged to cut down on their drinking
France on Monday launched a national campaign to encourage the wine-loving French to cut down on their drinking after a study showed that a quarter of them over-consume. But many still feel that “a nice meal can’t be enjoyed without a good wine”.
Concordia University News - Cues that predict alcohol remain powerful long after prolonged sobriety, new research finds
Treating addiction to alcohol is no easy feat. While physical withdrawal symptoms can abate within days or weeks, up to 90 per cent of alcoholics are expected to relapse within four years following treatment.
Science Daily - Hearing loss before 50 may mean higher risk of drug and alcohol issues
People under age 50 with hearing loss misuse prescription opioids at twice the rate of their hearing peers, and are also more likely to misuse alcohol and other drugs, a new national study finds.
Vox - Why you’re likely going to hear more about being “sober curious”
Alcohol plays a dominating role in American social, political, and economic life — particularly for urban professionals, getting drinks can be as important a form of social currency as it was in college. But the odds are getting higher that liquor stores, bars, and restaurants will start to offer something different — nonalcoholic custom cocktails and brand-name beverages.
Times Series (UK) - Thousands of children admitted to hospital for alcohol and drug abuse
Thousands of children across the capital are being admitted to hospital for alcohol and drug abuse.
Business Today (India) - Like cigarettes, alcohol bottles to come with health warnings come April 1
The new regulation called the Food Safety and Standards (Alcoholic Beverages Standards) Regulation, 2018 will apply on all distilled alcoholic beverages (brandy, country liquor, gin, rum, vodka and whisky, liqueur or alcoholic cordial), wines and beer.
Healio - Seven alcoholic drinks per week enough to increase odds of hypertension
Moderate and heavy alcohol drinkers appear to have an increased prevalence of both stage 1 and stage 2 hypertension, according to a presentation at the American College of Cardiology Scientific Session.
Daily Mail - New Volvo will detect if its driver has drunk alcohol and slow down if they show signs of being over the limit
Volvo is to install technology in its self-driving cars that can detect if the driver is drunk. The Swedish carmaker said that from next year all new vehicles will have cameras and sensors to spot if the motorist is showing signs of being over the limit.
iLaw Journals University News - Alcohol in pregnancy : “No one would ask, how much radio activity for Pregnant women is okay”
The effects of passive drinking for babies to be underestimated. In the journal “BMC Medicine” researchers reported recently that in Germany every year thousands of babies born with a Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).
UNSW Sidney (Australia) - Women’s alcohol consumption catching up to men: why this matters
Women are catching up to men in rates of alcohol consumption and this has important implications for how we think about our community response to harmful alcohol use.
Gateshead Council (UK) - Alcohol - are we kidding ourselves?
Are we kidding ourselves when it comes to alcohol? That's the question being raised as a new report released today highlights the North East's drinking habits.
The Epoch Times - There’s a Deadly Link Between Alcohol and Breast Cancer, Yet Women Ignore It
Middle-aged women aren’t getting the message that there’s a proven link between alcohol consumption and higher breast cancer risk, according to researchers from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.
Oreanda (Russia) - Ministry of Health Prepares Bill to Increase Legal Drinking Age up to 21
Russian Ministry of Health proposed banning the sale of strong drinks of more than 16.5% alcohol by volume to the youth under 21 years of age. The law will come into force in January 2020.

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