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Alcohol News - 12/2019

Popular Science - You don't need to drink alcohol for it to harm you
No amount of alcohol is good for you, as study after study has shown. But often people—and the scientists who research them—forget that when they drink, they don’t just risk hurting themselves. They often hurt other people. Yet most of our understanding of the harms of alcohol have focused strictly on the drinker.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Alko reports 8.5% drop in alcohol sales
ALKO on Tuesday announced it sold a total of 85.3 million litres of alcoholic beverages in 2018, signalling a drop of 8.5 per cent from the previous year.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Rise in ‘severe’ alcohol use, say experts
Growing numbers of people have developed a “severe” alcohol problem by the time they seek treatment, an official report shows.
Evening Standard (UK) - Passengers 'banned from drinking alcohol bought in duty-free' on flights
UK air passengers have been banned from drinking booze purchased in duty-free on flights because of a rise in alcohol-fuelled incidents in the air, it has been reported.
The Guardian - Should alcohol be banned on flights?
The government is reviewing airport licensing laws. But after another drunken brawl on a plane, should passengers be breathalysed before boarding – or even forbidden from boozing?
Deutsche Welle - Alcohol: Life gets better without it
Three weeks without a drop of alcohol. Three weeks where I felt fitter, more awake and more relaxed. What exactly happened to my body?
Science Daily - Scientists hunt down the brain circuit responsible for alcohol cravings
Scientists have found that they can reverse the desire to drink in alcohol-dependent rats -- with the flip of a switch. The researchers were able to use lasers to temporarily inactivate a specific neuronal population, reversing alcohol-seeking behavior and even reducing the physical symptoms of withdrawal.
ERR News (Estonia) - Analysis: Raising alcohol excise duty would decrease Estonia's revenue
While no such correlation applies to excise duty on tobacco, increasing the excise duty on alcohol would reduce Estonia's excise revenue, it appears from the results of an analysis commissioned by the Ministry of Finance and conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisors (PwC). - Alcohol linked to an irregular heartbeat
A study by Melbourne's Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute that's been presented in the US shows a link between alcohol consumption and an irregular heartbeat.
Medical Xpress - Is anxiety in childhood and adolescence linked to later alcohol use disorders?
In an Addiction analysis of relevant published studies, investigators found some evidence for a positive association between anxiety during childhood and adolescence with later alcohol use disorders.
EurekAlert - Alcohol marketing awareness linked to 'higher risk' drinking among UK teens
Alcohol marketing awareness linked to 'higher risk' drinking among UK teens. While ownership of branded merchandise is linked to future intentions to try alcohol among never drinkers
ABC News (Australia) - Drug and alcohol report uncovers burden in regional Australia
One afternoon in May 2016, paramedics found a 51-year-old man dead in a Sydney flat, slumped near a kitchen cupboard, with a syringe lying on the bench nearby. - A New Study Shows Alcohol Is Deadlier Than All Other Drugs
A report issued last week reveals that Oregon has a rate of alcohol-related deaths that are twice the national average. Per data released by the Trust for America's Health, out of the 50 states, Oregon ranks fifth in alcohol-related deaths, and Washington is 10th.
Spotify has been criticised by a major non-profit organisation for ignoring users with alcohol-dependency issues who have asked to opt-out of booze and liquor-related advertisements.
CBS Local - New Data Shows Drinking Alcohol May Increase Your Risk Of Cancer
Local doctor discusses how this new data could effect your daily glass of red wine.

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