Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Alcohol News - 2/2019

The Northern Daily Leader (Australia) - NSW/ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance calls for tighter grog laws
A new push will be launched for earlier legal ‘last drinks’ and lockouts – like the conditions placed on licensed venues in Newcastle CBD, Sydney CBD and Kings Cross – to be rolled out across the state.
CBS Boston - Alcohol Is Harder To Handle As You Age, Expert Says
It only gets harder for adults to handle alcohol as they get older, according to an addiction medicine specialist. Aging also makes people more vulnerable to alcoholism, he says.
The Guardian - My name is Jack Monroe, and I’m an alcoholic. But now I’m recovering…
The food writer, journalist and campaigner opens up about how alcohol took over her life once fame struck. This is her mea culpa (USA) - 15 Million Americans Are Battling Alcohol Use Disorder
In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, greater than 15 million people in the US are living with alcohol use disorder.
Newstalk ZB (New Zealand) - Health expert calls for tobacco-style tax excise for alcohol
Alcohol Healthwatch says every New Zealander would benefit from drinking less. Auckland DHB has joined 14 other health boards in calling for an overhaul of booze laws.
Psychology Today - 5 Reasons Alcohol Problems Are Especially Bad For Women
In my book, I use examples drawn from actual clients I’ve worked with. One of the clients whose story I tell, Terry (not her real name), is a wife and mother who struggles with an unhappy marriage for over a decade as her drinking escalates.
The Takeout (Qatar) - Qatar introduces 100-percent alcohol tax ahead of the 2022 World Cup
A 100-percent excise tax has been imposed on all alcohol imported into Qatar, a move that will result in an equal price increase to all “foreigners living in Qatar who have valid permits to buy alcohol,” according to a report in The New York Times.
The BMJ (UK) - NHS to set up new alcohol and tobacco services for patients admitted to hospital
The NHS will establish new dedicated alcohol and tobacco treatment services to help vulnerable problem drinkers and smokers admitted to hospitals in England.
AzerNews (Turkmenistan) - Turkmenistan limits retail sale of alcohol
The Law on Prevention of Harmful Effects of Alcohol, signed by Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, came into force in Turkmenistan in the beginning of this year, Trend reports citing the Turkmen media.
Emerging Europe (EU) - Baltic States are EU’s biggest spenders on alcohol
Emerging European countries spend the most on alcohol, according to new figures from the European Union’s statistics department, Eurostat.
The Sun (UK) - 300 Brits a day rushed to A&E with alcohol poisoning
One of the worst days for alcohol-related admissions was when England played Sweden in the World Cup last year - with 711 footy fans needing hospital treatment.
Tech2 (Russia) - The ban on "dry alcohol" came into force in Russia
In Russia, from January 8, 2019, began to operate the rules of the law signed by President Vladimir Putin on December 27 of last year, prohibiting the production and circulation of powdered products with alcohol. In addition, the law prohibits the production of "dry alcohol" both food and non-food.
Royal College of Surgeons - Alcohol consumption can damage oral health, warn dental surgeons
As people across the UK pledge to do “Dry January” following alcohol-fuelled Christmas and New Year celebrations, a leading dental surgeon is urging individuals to limit their alcohol consumption for another important reason – their oral health.
Mail Online - Stroke warning to binge-drinkers
A stark warning about the risk of suffering a stroke caused by excessive drinking has been delivered by health campaigners.
Boston University (South Africa) - High-Risk Drinking Common in South Africa
Adults in South Africa consume more alcohol than adults in most other countries.
NZ Herald (New Zealand) - Study shows drink-driving culture still prevalent
Most New Zealanders have no issue driving to and from the bar and think it is fine to have one or two drinks before driving to another destination, a study into Kiwi drink-driving behaviour has revealed.

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