Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Alcohol News - 1/2019

New York Times (Qatar) - A 6-Pack of Beer for $26? Qatar Doubles the Price of Alcohol
Getting a beer has never been easy in Qatar. But buying a six-pack will now set you back at least $26, thanks to an alcohol tax that went into effect on Tuesday.
euronews (EU) - In which EU countries do households spend the most on alcohol?
The European Union’s Baltic member states spend a higher share of their household expenditure on alcohol than any other countries in the bloc, according to new data.
RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty (Turkmenistan) - Turkmenistan Enacts Strict Law On Alcohol Sales
A new law has gone into effect in Turkmenistan that will sharply limit alcohol sales in the tightly controlled Central Asian country.
Forbes - The Science Of A 'Buzz': How Alcohol (Temporarily) Excites Nerves
Alcohol is something of a paradox in that it’s able to act as both a stimulant and a sedative. Indeed, many people who have consumed alcohol have probably experienced this first hand, and in the same order — first alcohol creates a stimulated ‘buzzed’ feeling which is followed by sedation.
HealthDay - Alcohol May Be Sabotaging Your Diet
It's a fixture at New Year's parties, but it's also is a calorie guzzler -- one drink can eat up 10 percent or more of a dieter's daily allotment, depending on how fanciful the beverage is.
Ahval (Turkey) - Turkey increases alcohol tax by 13.4 percent, drops imported tobacco tax
Turkey has raised consumption taxes on alcoholic beverages by 13.48 percent in 2019, while axing taxes on imported tobacco, independent news site T24 reported. - Drinking less alcohol may help smokers quit: study
There’s a biological reason why cigarettes and alcohol go together so well, according to new research out of Oregon State University.
Inverse - "Dry January" Benefits Last More Than Just a Month, Alcohol Study Reveals
Nothing says “post-Christmas crash” like extreme lethargy, a lack of funds, and unwanted weight gain. That’s what makes Dry January such a brilliant idea: Swearing off booze for the first 31 days of 2019, British researchers reveal in a new report, successfully reverses the consequences of the holidays — and provides a handful of other benefits, to boot.
FLARE - I’m Tired of Constantly Explaining Why I Don’t Drink
I never get bored of not drinking, but I *am* completely done with my sobriety prompting so. many. damn. Questions (Russia) - 'We are new Russians': How a hard-drinking nation curbed its alcohol use
Once the holder of the dubious title of one of the world's hardest-drinking nations, Russia has fallen steadily down the list — and Eduard Grigoriev likes to think his group can claim some of the credit.
Medical Xpress - Children with poor diet drink alcohol more often in adolescence
Children with unhealthy eating habits are at a higher risk of becoming regular alcohol drinkers at too early an age, even in their early teens, a study published in the journal Public Health Nutrition shows. The association with young teens' drinking habits is stronger than with other factors, such as parents' education and income.
MedPage Today - Alcohol, Psychological Distress Tied to REM Disorder
Previously unreported links between possible REM sleep behavior disorder (pRBD) and alcohol use, and psychological distress emerged in a nationwide Canadian study, researchers reported.

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