Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Alcohol News - 44/2018

Science Daily - The long-term effects of alcohol demand on retail alcohol markets
As new study has examined the determinants of the number of licensed bars, restaurants, and liquor stores across neighborhoods in 53 California cities from 2000 to 2013.
Inverse - Alcohol Changes Memories on a Much Deeper Level Than We Thought
I’ll never drink again, you say, but that night, you do. New research in Neuron reveals an underlying basis for that endless cycle, showing the link between the brain’s relationship with alcohol and the pleasant memories formed under the influence.
Science Daily (Australia) - Australia's changing relationship with alcohol
New research has revealed that 30 per cent of Australians recently reduced the quantity of their alcohol consumption and a further 29 per cent reduced the frequency of their drinking, while six per cent kicked the habit for good.
BBC Three - I never imagined I'd be an alcoholic by the age of 25
It was in the middle of a bender at Berlin’s world famous nightclub Berghain that Alex*, now 31, realised he was out of control.
Healio - Back pain in teens tied to smoking, drinking alcohol, anxiety, depression
Adolescents with more frequent back pain were also more likely to report anxiety and depression, and more likely to smoke and drink alcohol, according to findings recently published in the Journal of Public Health.
Medical Xpress (New Zealand) - Cutting societal alcohol use may prevent alcohol disorders
Society must take collective responsibility to reduce the harm caused by alcohol use disorders, a University of Otago academic says.
Harvard Health - Alcohol and headaches
Alcohol is embedded in our society, and it is difficult to be in a public space without seeing a reference to alcohol or being offered a drink. Alcohol is broken down in the liver by an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase.
Medical Xpress - Increasing alcohol tax could benefit health and save money for society: NZ study
Increasing the excise tax on alcohol would likely result in fewer people dying or being injured in vehicle crashes – and generate savings for society, according to a just-published New Zealand study.
HealthDay (USA) - Firsthand 9/11 Exposure Fueling Alcohol- and Drug-Related Deaths: Study
People directly exposed to the World Trade Center terrorist attacks appear at increased risk of drug- and alcohol-related death, a new study finds. (UK) - Budget 2018: Cost of wine goes UP - but cost of beer, cider and spirits is FROZEN
The Budget 2018 has brought good news for drinkers as beer and cider duty is frozen - as is the tax on Spirits.
Washington Times (USA) - NIH ousts three employees over controversial alcohol study
The National Institutes of Health has ousted three employees who were involved in a highly questioned study of moderate alcohol use, and Director Francis S. Collins said he’s determined to prevent other bum studies from moving forward in the future.
Reuters (USA) - Amnesty policies may curb alcohol emergencies at universities
Amnesty policies may encourage college students to call for help with alcohol-related issues before they or their intoxicated peers become seriously ill, a U.S. study suggests.
Scientists may have discovered why some people are prone to binge drinking more than others.
EurekAlert (UK) - New study shows advertizing for alcohol is prevalent in UK television
A new study in the Journal of Public Health indicates that advertising for alcohol is common in British television, and may be a potential driver of alcohol use in young people.
Medscape - Diabetes Linked to Increased Suicide, Alcohol-Related Deaths
People with diabetes show higher rates of death related to suicide, alcohol, and accidents compared with the general population, with the risk particularly high among those treated with insulin, according to new results from a large Finnish study.
Kaiser Family Foundation (Uganda) - Uganda Implements Alcohol, Soft Drinks Tax To Help Fund HIV Treatment
Taxes levied on alcohol and soft drinks in Uganda will be used to fund the country’s HIV treatment programs, in a move designed to make the country less reliant on donors.
Medical Xpress (New Zealand) - One-third of Kiwis may drink hazardously their entire adult lives
Many of us assume that risky drinking is something we 'grow' out of as we age, but new research shows that this might not be the case.
Balance North East (UK) - Call to cut the harm of alcohol and tobacco in Autumn Budget
North East health campaigners are calling on the Government to tackle the crippling toll of alcohol and tobacco and plug much-needed public finances in next week’s Autumn Budget.
Eurocare (Scotland) - ‘Dying for a drink’: New report calls for ‘professional optimism’ to support recovery from alcohol problems
SHAAP (Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems) has published a new report, ‘Dying for a drink’, following research commissioned by the Scottish Government.
BMJ Open - Is the alcohol industry doing well by ‘doing good’? Findings from a content analysis of the alcohol industry’s actions to reduce harmful drinking
Alcohol industry CSR activities are unlikely to reduce harmful alcohol use but they do provide commercial strategic advantage while at the same time appearing to have a public health purpose.
IEG Policy (EU) - Commission still working with alcohol industry on labelling
The European Commission is still working with the alcoholic drinks industry to find a way to label their products with nutritional information and ingredients and end a waiver from these requirements in the 2011 food information to consumers regulation (FIC – 1169/2011).
Teenagers in the Netherlands start drinking at a later age, though those who do consume alcohol don't drink any less than in previous years, according to a study by newspaper Trouw, the Trimbos Institute, the Jellinek addiction institute, and the Netherlands Institute for Alcohol Policy.
ITV (Scotland) - Professional optimism needed to support alcohol recovery – report
Professional optimism across public services to emphasise the ability of people to recover from drink problems is needed to help cut Scotland’s alcohol death toll, a report has found.
Stuff - Regulating junk food, alcohol, tobacco marketing could assist cancer prevention – experts
Government action is needed to regulate the "extremely dangerous" marketing of junk food, alcohol and tobacco — the "holy trinity of public health".
NordAN (Baltics) - Baltic Assembly on cooperation on alcohol: “with a targeted approach and without delay”
On 25-26 October 2018 in Vilnius, parliamentarians and governmental representatives from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania convened for the 37th Session of the Baltic Assembly to discuss current affairs and cooperation of the Baltic States, also in alcohol policy, among other topics.

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