Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Alcohol News - 41/2018

Science Daily (UK) - More young people are choosing not to drink alcohol
Young people in England aren't just drinking less alcohol -- a new study shows that more of them are never taking up alcohol at all, and that the increase is widespread among young people.
INSIDER - Here's what happens to your mind and body when you stop drinking alcohol, according to a doctor
Following a global report this year that there is no safe amount of alcohol, more people may be trying to cut back on booze. This month, many people are giving up alcohol for 31 days in a campaign called Sober for October. (Australia) - Aussie sporting legends push to ban alcohol advertising in all games
Following the AFL and NRL Grand Finals, the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) crunched the numbers and discovered during the NRL’s big dance there were more than three instances of alcohol advertising exposure every minute, including on-field advertising.
Independent Community Newspaper (New Zealand) - Kiwi health organisations calling for mandatory pregnancy warning labels on alcohol
New Zealand women's apathy towards to the dangers of drinking during pregnancy is strengthening calls from health professionals for mandatory labelling on alcoholic drinks.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - Commerce Federation eager to press on with de-regulation of alcohol sales
The Finnish Commerce Federation reveals that its long-term objective is to abolish the retail monopoly of Alko, the state-owned importer, producer and retailer of alcoholic beverages.
The Indian Express (India) - Alcohol obnoxious to health, will keep legal drinking age 25: Delhi govt
It added that the framing of law, which is within the competence of a legislature, cannot be stated as amounting to discrimination merely because it fails to bring parity with laws framed in another jurisdiction.
Healio - Alcohol consumption may prompt adverse cardiac remodeling
Elevated alcohol consumption predicted several parameters of adverse cardiac remodeling after 20 years of follow-up, researchers reported.
CNN (Ireland) - Ireland passes 'groundbreaking' bill to curb excessive drinking
Ireland passed a landmark bill aimed at reducing alcohol consumption on Wednesday, more than 1,000 days after it was introduced in parliament.
News24 - The world needs tighter alcohol policies – study
There is trouble brewing. And if countries across the world don’t increase taxes, restrict advertising and regulate the age of buyers as well as the times when and places where people can buy alcohol, they will continue suffering a bitter population-threatening hangover from the consequences of harmful alcohol use. - It’s never OK to drink alcohol while pregnant, new study says
For such a little guy, Robert McCloud has worked very hard to get to where he is today. At age 13 months, he weighs less than half of most babies his age.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Irish Rail ban alcohol on some services due to anti-social behaviour
Irish Rail is banning people from drinking alcohol on some of its routes from next week. The ban will come into effect from October 12, and will be enforced every Friday, following regular reports of anti-social behaviour connected to excessive alcohol consumption.
Highland (UK) - Report: Survey of the Availability and Purchase of Alcohol in the Highlands
This survey was developed on behalf of the Highland Alcohol and Drug Partnership (HADP) and the Directorate of Public Health and Health Policy to provide a public opinion about the availability and purchase of alcohol in the Highlands.
Independent - Daily glass of wine increases risk of early death by 20%, study shows
The health benefits of a daily glass of wine or alcoholic tipple may have been somewhat overstated, according to a study that shows regular drinking – even within “safe” limits – substantially increased the risk of premature death.
Public Health England (UK) - Alcohol causes 1 in 13 breast cancers
Drink free days campaign marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month by encouraging women to take more drink free days to reduce their breast cancer risk.
News Magazine - Drinking alcohol in adolescence increases risk of cancer
A new study by researchers at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill suggests that alcohol consumption during adolescence increases the risk of developing prostate cancer.
Todays Dietitian - New Landmark Report on Cancer Prevention — What It Means for Messages on Healthful Eating
Dietitians increasingly are fielding questions from clients and patients about news headlines on reducing cancer risk, and often from individuals in non-oncology settings.

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