Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Alcohol News - 43/2018

WHO Europe - WHO helps EU Member States enhance surveillance of alcohol consumption and harm
WHO has developed a series of measures and instruments to support Member States in their efforts to enhance alcohol surveillance and improve the national processes for estimating alcohol consumption and the burden of alcohol-attributable disease.
Irish Times (Ireland) - One in three of us is a binge drinker but smoking rates have plunged, survey finds
One in three drinkers has binged on alcohol in the past year, while one in five does so at least once a week, according to a new survey.
Science Daily - New target of alcohol in the brain
When alcohol enters the brain, it causes neurons in a specialized region called the ventral tegmental area, or VTA -- also known as the "pleasure center" -- to release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that produces those feel-good sensations, and tells the brain that whatever it just experienced is worth getting more of.
ABC News (Australia) - The real cost of alcohol - is it time for a minimum floor price?
Back in March the state government held a preventive health summit which explored ways to reduce obesity and alcohol related harm.
ABC News (Australia) - Alcohol, pregnancy and parenting
The nine months of pregnancy have the ability to permanently influence our health and susceptibility to certain diseases later in life, and this is a growing and vital area of scientific research, says Diana Lucia.
New Hampshire Public Radio (USA) - Unhealthy Patterns of Alcohol Use Remain A Problem In N.H. For Many, Including Women And Youth
Though the opioid crisis has been the top-of-mind health issue here, alcohol abuse remains a major problem in the state and nationally. We look at the factors specific to New Hampshire, and who is most impacted these days.
Belarus News (Belarus) - Alcohol industry in focus of Belarus' government meeting
Development of the alcoholic beverages industry in Belarus is high on the agenda of the meeting chaired by the head of state Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA has learned.
The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Booze companies exploiting an advertising loophole
Of all the issues that should be making parents of young children and adolescents' blood boil, it is unrestricted advertising of booze during premier sporting events.
Stabroek News (Guyana) - PAHO/WHO, health ministry to start work on alcohol control policy
In the coming days, the Pan American Health Organisation and World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO), with input from the Public Health Ministry and stakeholders, will begin developing a policy for the prevention and control of use of alcohol in Guyana.
Drink Tank (Australia) - The fight to prevent alcohol-related harm
The fight to prevent alcohol-related harm has turned an important international corner with two prestigious medical journals The Lancet and British Medical Journal (Australia’s own Prof. Kypri) acknowledging that there is now no recognised healthy level of the consumption of alcohol.
The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health - Hard measures needed to tackle youth drinking
Alcohol is one of the most commonly used legal, addictive substances in adolescence. Consumption by peers heavily influences initiation of use, and most young people drink alcohol in social situations to enhance existing friendships and make new ones.
BMJ - Alcohol must be recognised as a drug
Alcohol, actually ethanol (C2H5OH), is a psychoactive molecule ingested by 2.4 billion people globally.1 A central nervous system depressant, it exists naturally and can be produced in people’s homes. Any alcohol consumption confers health risks, including for a range of cancers,2 and any possible cardiovascular benefits are smaller than was previously understood.

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