Friday, February 10, 2017

Swedish report: Alcohol and cancer

Report published in December 2016 by The Swedish Society of Medicine, IOGT-NTO and CERA (Gothenburg University).
“Healthy living and lifestyles are a strong trend in Sweden, but no other EU nationality knows less about or is less aware of the link between alcohol and cancer. And given that alcohol is the second most common contributory factor in terms of the global cancer burden, according to the World Health Organisation, this is something we are keen to change. Which is why we hope that this report can help boost knowledge levels and awareness, and increase interest
in the issue, both in the health care sector and in society as a whole,” write publishers in the foreword of the report.
Find the English version of the report HERE
Seminar that took place at the launch of the report

Seminarium Alkohol och Cancer på Svenska Läkarsällskapet from alkoholhjalpen on Vimeo.

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