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Alcohol News - 8/2017

The Journal (Ireland) - The Health Minister will get the power to set the size of warnings on alcohol productsThe new Public Health (Alcohol) Bill has been under consideration by the government since late 2015 but has not yet been enacted. It is a far-reaching bill with new legislation on aspects such as minimum pricing, advertising and product labelling.
ERR News (Estonia) - Chancellor of justice deems alcohol excise duty hikes unconstitutional
Estonia's Chancellor of Justice Ülle Madise has judged the accelerated increases in excise duty rates on light alcoholic beverages to be unconstitutional as they violate the freedom of enterprise and the principle of legitimate expectation.
Medical Xpress - Pilot study finds youth more likely than adults to report seeing alcohol marketing online
Underage youth are nearly twice as likely to recall seeing alcohol marketing on the internet than adults, with almost one in three saying they saw alcohol-related content in the previous month, according to a new pilot survey led by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Wales Online (Wales) - Health experts say Wales needs to reassess its relationship with alcohol
Wales needs to reassess its relationship with alcohol before more people die from excessive drinking, experts have warned.
Ukrainian Hot News (Ukraine) - “Ukrspirt” decided not to raise prices on alcohol
“Ukrspirt” is the largest producer of alcohol and alcohol-containing products in Ukraine. The state enterprise was established on the basis of the eponymous group in 2010, now consists of 41 plant, and the government wants to privatize the “Ukrspirt”.
Hindustan Times - Drinking too much alcohol can prematurely age men’s arteries, up heart disease risk
Heavy alcohol drinking habits over the years may prematurely age arteries, especially in men, putting them at an increased risk for heart disease, new research has warned.
Financial Times (Sweden) - A state monopoly has survived porous borders and EU accession
The monopoly is under pressure, according to Håkan Leifman, director of CAN, who also sits on the board of Systembolaget. But this is not new, he says — the pressure was far greater when Sweden joined the EU in 1995 and was forced to increase the amount of alcohol that Swedes could bring in from abroad.
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Financial Times - Big Tobacco sets stage for alcohol to defend brands
After a century that gave us quintessential figures such as the Marlboro man, tobacco advertising is in its final creative throes.
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland) - 50p alcohol unit price 'would save 63 lives in Northern Ireland'
More needs to be done to tackle the problems caused by cheap alcohol in Northern Ireland, a charity has warned.
Statistics Iceland (Iceland) - People in Iceland consume alcohol less frequently than people in the other Nordic
The European Health Interview Survey (EHIS) suggests that people in Iceland drink less frequently than people in the other Nordic countries. - Alcohol can cause more damaging effects to women than men
Several research studies have shown that some women who drink heavily can do as much damage to their bodies in four to five years as a man who has been drinking for 20 to 25 years, according to Laura Veach, Ph.D., director of screening and counseling intervention services at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.
The Kathmandu Post (Nepal) - Gov’s stringent policy to regulate alcohol productsThe government has adopted a stringent policy to regulate sales of alcohol products that now require mandatory pictorial health warnings while setting age bar in the sales of such products.
Daily Mail - Boozing, weight gain and failing to exercise INCREASES the risk of breast cancer returning, experts say
A 30 minute stroll a day can help women who've survived breast cancer try and stop the killer disease returning, new research suggests.
Scottish Daily Record (Scotland) - One person dies every three days in North Lanarkshire due to alcohol
One person dies every three days in North Lanarkshire due to alcohol, shocking new statistics show. Figures released by National Records of Scotland revealed there were 109 alcohol-related deaths in the region in 2015 – the second highest in Scotland.
Science Daily - Strong alcohol policies protect against drunk driving deaths among young people
Stronger alcohol policies protect young people from dying in crashes caused by drunk driving according to researchers. The study supports the importance of comprehensive alcohol control policies to reduce the number of young people who die in alcohol-related crashes.
Brisbane Times (Australia) - Bottle shops are open for too long, experts say
A reduction in bottle-shop trading hours and an increase in alcohol tax is needed to reduce alcohol-fuelled harm, a Queensland public health policy expert says. (UK) - “Little convincing evidence" of economic benefits from alcohol sales
A new report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies, Splitting the Bill: Alcohol’s Impact on the UK Economy, argues that the economic benefits of the alcohol industry are overstated, undermining the economic case for cutting alcohol duty in next month’s Budget.
Health Canal - Alcohol leads to more violence than other drugs, but you’d never know from the headlines
Mainstream media tend to report more stories about illicit drugs than alcohol. Stories about illicit drugs are also more negative. The media is more likely to frame illicit drugs as dangerous, morally corrosive and associated with violent behaviour, while it frames people who use illicit drugs as irresponsible and deviant.

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