Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Alcohol News - 9/2016

BBC News (UK) - Government policies lead to fall in alcohol consumption
A new report has found that government policies have had a positive impact on alcohol consumption in Scotland.
Yale Daily News - Study shows alcohol more harmful for people with HIV
A Yale-affiliated study found that individuals with human immunodeficiency virus experience more negative effects from alcohol use than individuals without HIV.
Medical News Today - A little alcohol in pregnancy puts future generations at risk
Previous studies have shown that alcohol use and related disorders pose a significant threat to global health. Exposure to moderate amounts of alcohol in utero or during early life puts humans at greater risk for alcohol abuse in adolescence and adulthood.
Vancouver Sun (Canada) - B.C. introduces minimum pricing for alcohol
B.C.’s new minimum price structure for alcohol is a good step toward protecting public health, but it also helps defend existing liquor stores from new competition, according to an addictions researcher.
Baltic Times (Lithuania) - Lithuanian anti-alcohol activists call for restrictions on alcohol sales
Tuesday March 1, 2016, saw a group of Lithuanian activists present the Central Electoral Commission with their initiative to collect signatures for the adoption of amendments to the law on alcohol control. (New Zealand) - Alcohol availablity at lowest level for 18 years
Kiwis are drinking less beer and wine, and when they do partake they're more likely to choose lower alcohol options like cider or low alcohol beer.
Gazette (UK) - Tendring councillor, Mark Platt, challenged Alcohol Minister, Karen Bradley, over failure to introduce minimum alcohol price
A TENDRING councillor has challenged the Government over its failure to introduce booze laws to boost the battle against street drinking and anti-social behaviour. Calls have been made to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol to target town centre drunks.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Politicians urged to protect children from alcohol adverts
Campaigners have united to urge Scottish politicans to do more to prevent children from seeing alcohol adverts.
OnMedica (UK) - Alcohol-specific deaths down, but alcohol-related deaths up
Fewer adults are dying from conditions directly caused by alcohol, such as alcoholic liver disease and alcohol poisoning, show new figures published by Public Health England (PHE).
Bangkok Post (Thailand) - Activists demand big hike in booze taxes
The government should increase taxes on alcohol just as it has done with cigarettes in order to discourage new drinkers, the Centre for Alcohol Studies says. (Canada) - Binge drinking 'tying up' Alberta emergency rooms, says doc
Binge drinking is "a major problem" that is tying up emergency room services in Alberta, says one hospital doctor.
Read more - Drinking heavily just once a month exposes you to this health risk
The dangers of binge drinking are already well-known, however a new study has found for the first time that binge drinking can also increase blood pressure in young 20-something adults, possibly leading to high blood pressure and its related chronic diseases.

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