Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Alcohol News - 12/2016

Medical Daily - Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Not Offer Any Health Benefits After All; Claims May Be Based On 'Flawed' Science
Drinking a couple of glasses of wine at the end of the day is an indulgence you can feel good about — at least that’s what science says. Countless studies have linked moderate drinking to a variety of health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart failure and a longer life.
The Guardian (Australia) - Northern Territory alcohol plan could revive banned drinkers' register
An alcohol management policy released by the Northern Territory government appears to leave open the door to a return of the banned drinkers’ register – a policy ditched by the Country Liberal party after taking office in 2012.
Indiana Lawyer (USA) - Study shows ‘problematic’ alcohol use by attorneys
A new study completed by the American Bar Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation has given some much needed data on lawyers struggling with substance abuse and depression.
Medical News Today - The smell of alcohol can affect behavior
The mere smell of alcohol appears to reduce people's level of control over their behavior, according to research published in the journal Psychopharmacology.
ABC Online (Australia) - Drink drivers to be forced to use alcohol interlocks from this year, WA Minister says
Alcohol interlock devices being introduced in Western Australia this year will go a long way to slashing the incidence of drink driving, Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey has said.
JK News USA (South Korea) - The South Korean Government Encourages People To Stop Drinking Alcohol To Avoid Cancer
The South Korean government is encouraging its people to stop drinking alcohol to avoid cancer. The Ministry of Health and Welfare is tightening guidelines on alcohol consumption. While the old guidelines recommend drinking liquor of not over two glasses daily, the new ones will encourage not drinking at all, said The Chosun Ilbo.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Judging ‘morning after’ driving condition an uncertain science
That more drivers over the alcohol limit “the morning after the night before” are being apprehending by An Garda Síochána is not surprising. A combination of late-night binge-drinking followed by an early start means people are often driving with higher blood alcohol concentrations than they realise.
Huffington Post - It Takes A Shockingly Little Amount Of Alcohol To Cross Into Binge Drinking
If you’re pulling the crew together for a bar crawl on St. Paddy’s Day, just keep one thing in mind: It only takes a few drinks to cross over into “heavy” or “binge” drinking territory.
Medical Daily (USA) - Nearly A Third Of America's Medical Students Report Alcohol Abuse
If anybody understands the negative health consequences associated with drug and alcohol abuse, it’s someone training to be a doctor. And yet, after devoting thousands of hours to their studies, competing with some of the brightest minds in the country, and expecting more than $150,000 in educational debt, a lot of med students can’t wait to unwind with an alcoholic beverage. Or two. Or a few more than that. Maybe even some prescription painkillers.
New Zealand Police (New Zealand) - Police not surprised by alcohol-fuelled violence in Auckland CBD
Auckland City Police say they are disappointed but not surprised at the violence in the CBD over the weekend. Two people were taken to hospital with serious injuries and two others were arrested following four large-scale fights within the city centre on Saturday night.
The New Times - Alcohol increases skin cancer risk
It’s not just exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light which can increase your chances of developing the most dangerous form of skin cancer, melanoma. Now, new research published in the British Journal of Dermatology, says drinking alcohol regularly could also increase your risk - by up to 55%.
Reuters - Ignition lock laws cut alcohol-related crash deaths
States that require convicted drunk drivers to install ignition interlock devices in their cars had a 15 percent drop in alcohol-related crash deaths compared to states without these requirements, research shows.
HeraldNet - Alcohol makers need to do more to limit ads kids see
Among advertisements on TV, it's hard not to like many of those that market beer, wine and spirits. Most are entertaining, funny — farewell Most Interesting Man in the World — and particularly effective.

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