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FASD News - 49/2015

Buffalo News - UB Researcher: No level of alcohol is safe during pregnancy
The American Academy of Pediatrics announced new recommendations this fall that encourage women who are pregnant to refrain from drinking any alcohol or face a greater prospect of giving birth to a child with mental, behavioral or physical disabilities.
The Scientist - How one generation’s experience can affect the next
These findings have helped motivate modern research into the oft-discredited study of transgenerational effects of the environment. Researchers are now beginning to understand the mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance and to generate evidence for the idea that the experiences of an ancestral population can influence future generations. (New Zealand) - Greater recognition of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) within the court system in Marlborough
Judges and lawyers are changing the way they communicate to help mentally impaired defendants navigate the justice system. Youth Court Judge Tony Fitzgerald said awareness of neurological disabilities, including fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, was increasing within the justice system. (UK) - What social workers need to know about foetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Advice on consuming alcohol during pregnancy in the UK is woefully inadequate. Current official guidance given by midwives is: “It is better not to drink, but if you do, then 1 or 2 units, once or twice a week is alright”.
The Globe and Mail (Canada) - Couple honoured in Ottawa for work on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
A husband and wife team known around the world for raising awareness of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) has received an award from the Governor-General in recognition of their contributions.

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects - IHHP - Batchelor - Raise Awareness FASD
IHHP in partnership with Batchelor Area School and the Batchelor Institute, wrote this deadly song about FASD. The students, with help from IHHP, have written a song to help raise awareness about Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.
NordAN - Dr Raja Mukherjee on diagnosing FASD
Dr Raja Mukherjee (National Clinic for Fetal Alcohol, UK) explains why diagnosing FASD is important.
European Conference on FASD 2016
Dr Raja Mukherjee´s invitation to EUFASD 2016 in London.
FASD and Homelessness
NordAN - Dr Peter Hepper: there is no safe limit
Dr Peter Hepper (Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland): Ultrasound observation of the behaviour of the fetus indicates that both chronic and acute alcohol exposure influences the fetus’ brain and behaviour and, significantly, at low doses.
NordAN - Dr Kieran O´Malley: FASD is an transgenerational issue
Dr Kieran O´Malley (College of Psychiatrists of Ireland) speaks about fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and the need and possibilities to prevent it.
Al Jazeera English - Hidden Harm: Australia's Drinking Mums
Alcohol is a big part of the Australian culture across every region, and every social class. But for Australian mothers this could be a disaster. The latest research shows there is no safe limit for drinking when pregnant. All it takes is a few drinks at the wrong stage of the pregnancy for mother’s unborn babies to suffer permanent brain damage.
BBC - Teenage FASD sufferer: 'I can't make friends'
Katrina was born with FASD - foetal alcohol spectrum disorder - as a result of the alcohol her biological mother consumed during pregnancy.

Linköping University - The voice of non-pregnant women on alcohol consumption during pregnancy: a focus group study among women in Sweden
Consensus is that fetal exposure to alcohol is harmful. Abstinence while trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy is recommended. Despite this, there are many women who consume alcohol around conception and until pregnancy recognition.
Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment - Establishment of the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority resource center for children with prenatal alcohol/drug exposure
This paper presents a new initiative in the South-Eastern Health Region of Norway to establish a regional resource center focusing on services for children and adolescents aged 2-18 years with prenatal exposure to alcohol or other drugs.
Behavioural Brain Research - Prenatal ethanol exposure impairs temporal ordering behaviours in young adult rats
Prenatal ethanol exposure (PNEE) causes significant deficits in functional (i.e., synaptic) plasticity in the dentate gyrus (DG) and cornu ammonis (CA) hippocampal sub-regions of young adult male rats.
Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities - FASD prevalence among schoolchildren in Poland
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure is a major cause of brain damage and developmental delay, known as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) but in Poland is rarely diagnosed and the scale of problem is not known.
Metabolic Brain Disease - Alcohol exposure in utero is associated with decreased gray matter volume in neonates
Neuroimaging studies have indicated that prenatal alcohol exposure is associated with alterations in the structure of specific brain regions. However, the temporal specificity of such changes and their behavioral consequences are less known.
Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research - Systematic review of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder interventions across the life span
Individuals with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) can experience profound impairments and long-term adverse outcomes. This systematic review adopts a life span perspective providing an extensive analysis of the available literature.

Delfi (Estonia) - Briti teadlane: alkohol on lootele ohtlikum kui heroiin ja kahjustused võivad ilmneda ka alles teismeeas
Mõnes kogukonnas kannatab loote alkoholisündroomi all ligi 40 protsenti lastest, tõdeb Dr Raja Mukherjee Suurbritannia riiklikust loote alkoholikahjustuse kliinikust. Dr Muhkerjee sõnul kahjustab alkohol nii ema kui loote aju ja loodet isegi ulatuslikumalt kui suitsetamine või heroiin.

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