Thursday, December 10, 2015

Alcohol News - 49/2015

Baltimore Sun (USA) - Study ties Md. alcohol tax increase to decline in gonorrhea cases
Sexually transmitted diseases didn't factor heavily into the debate when state lawmakers approved an increase in the sales tax on alcohol four years ago. But research published Wednesday suggests a surprising consequence to the levy: thousands of fewer cases of gonorrhea.
RT (Ireland) - Whiskey business: Irish government introduces strict alcohol bill to curb binge drinking
Ireland’s reputation for heavy drinking could be about to change. A new draft law tackling the sale of cheap booze is set to introduce a minimum price tag on all alcoholic beverages, as well as limit advertising and distribution.
The Independent (UK) - Middle-class parents more likely to turn their children to alcohol
Teenagers from middle class families are twice as likely to become regular drinkers after parents allow them to drink at home.
Khmer Times (Cambodia) - Health Workers Call for Tougher Alcohol Laws
Health advocacy groups called on the government to speed up the adoption of a law on alcohol regulation yesterday, given their extensive research which found worrying links between the consumption of alcohol and citizens’ health, traffic accidents, domestic violence and family financial problems.
Scotsman (Scotland) - More alcohol issues in poorest areas
Calls have been made to tackle alcohol abuse among the poorest communities as new figures revealed chronic liver disease mortality rates were more than six times higher in the most deprived areas last year. - Seeing alcohol abuse, drug use can make teens engage in antisocial behavior on the same day
Seeing others drink alcohol or use drugs makes it more likely that teenagers will engage in antisocial behavior on the same day, according to new findings from Duke University. (New Zealand) - Greater recognition of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) within the court system in Marlborough
Judges and lawyers are changing the way they communicate to help mentally impaired defendants navigate the justice system.
The Baltic Course (Lithuania) - Lithuanian excise duties on tobacco, alcohol set to rise in March 2016
The Lithuanian Seimas [parliament] on December 8th raised excise taxes on tobacco and alcohol, which will come into effect on March 1, 2016. (EU) - EU council calls for an alcohol strategy
“Europe is the heaviest drinking region in the world, so it is vital the EU has a strategy that allows Member States to effectively tackle alcohol harm. There have been repeated calls for the Commission to produce an EU Alcohol Strategy, including from the Parliament, Member States and health bodies. Today’s call from the Council must be heeded. With alcohol harm costing societies in Europe €155,8 billion each year, we can’t afford for the Commission not to take action in this vital policy area.”

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