Thursday, December 17, 2015

Alcohol News - 50/2015

The Independent (UK) - Men in England drink twice as much alcohol as women, NHS study reveals
A new NHS study has found that age, gender and wealth are key factors to understand how much alcohol we drink. It was found that one in 20 men in England drink more than 50 units of alcohol units each week – that is the equivalent of six bottles of wine or 25 pints of beer.
CBS News (USA) - Survey reveals new trends in teen drug and alcohol use
Alcohol and cigarette use are down among teens, but marijuana use has not declined, a new report shows. For the first time, researchers found that more high school seniors smoke marijuana than regular cigarettes on a daily basis.
National Post (Canada) - New research supports graphic health warnings on alcohol bottles — including photos of diseased livers
New research is adding fuel to the movement for graphic, cigarette-style health warnings on alcohol bottles — and at least one Canadian jurisdiction is reportedly poised to turn the contentious idea into reality. (USA) - Alaska children with fetal alcohol disorders become eligible for special education
The State Board of Education & Early Development adopted the new regulation during its meeting in Anchorage last week, according to a news release.
Yorkshire Post (UK) - Wealth linked to dangerous levels of alcohol consumption
MIDDLE-CLASS and wealthy Britons are more likely to drink alcohol at dangerous levels than those who are poorer, new official data shows.
EurekAlert - Binge drinking with chronic alcohol use more destructive than previously thought
Excessive alcohol consumption is a global public health issue. In the United States, binge drinking is the most common form -- so common, in fact, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports approximately one in six adults binge drinks about four times each month.
Extract - Alcohol ads saturate social media but marijuana ads are often banned
While marijuana ads are outright banned from most social media platforms, alcohol ads are so pervasive on these same platforms that they’re nearly unavoidable, even for individuals who are not of legal drinking age.
Medscape (Canada) - New Guideline: Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
A new Canadian guideline for diagnosing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) updates recommendations last issued in 2005 and is specifically designed for multidisciplinary diagnostic teams.
ThaiVisa News (Thailand) - New Thai alcohol laws come into effect from January
In Thailand, companies selling alcohol, such as wine shops and beer merchants, will no longer be able to continue selling alcohol in some parts of the country from January the 1st 2016. (Scotland) - Majority of weekend ambulance call-outs in Scotland are alcohol related
ALCOHOL is a factor in more than half of all weekend ambulance call-outs in Scotland, a survey has revealed. (UK) - Lowering of drink-drive limit supported by 70% of motorists
ALMOST 70% of British motorists would like to see the legal drink-drive limit reduced across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, to match the level introduced in Scotland at the end of last year.
Times LIVE - What damage alcohol does to your body after of 40
Tony Rao, psychiatrist at the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, sees people in their 60s with alcohol-related brain damage after a lifetime of casual drinking.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Children at risk as alcohol and gambling get free kick in new television code
The federal government's media watchdog has been accused of failing to protect children after it refused to close a loophole that allows alcohol and gambling companies to advertise in peak children's viewing hours during sporting events.

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