Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Alcohol News - 31/2015

BBC News (UK) - Alcohol abuse in danger of being ignored, AMs say
The devastating effects of alcohol abuse risk being ignored amid concern over so-called legal highs, AMs warn.
The Guardian (India) - Indians push for alcohol prohibition in street protests
Activists in Tamil Nadu state say police are threatening and beating them up, as hundreds of officers protect government-owned liquor shops.
Huffington Post - Think Drinking Alcohol Before Bed Can Help You Sleep? Not Even Close.
We've all heard about the negative impact of screen time before bed and how it can disrupt our ability to sleep, but there's an even worse nighttime habit that prevents you from catching those zzz's. As Sleep Medicine Specialist Dr. Dianne Augelli tells the digital series #OWNSHOW, the bigger culprit in sleep disruption is alcohol. (Canada) - Uber reduces alcohol-related driving deaths: study
The launch of controversial ride-share service Uber in a city results in a decrease in alcohol-related driving deaths, an independent study from Temple University in Philadelphia has found.
The Baltic Course (Estonia) - Estonian Government relying on hiking excise tax to reduce alcohol consumption
During the past five years, consumption trends have not changed much, although in the next five years, Government is planning to reduce consumption of alcohol to 8 litres per resident. The principal method chosen for reducing consumption is to increase excise tax on alcohol.
Fusion - What alcohol does to your brain
You had a few too many Manhattans. You’re less coordinated. Your reflexes aren’t as sharp as usual. Your speech is slightly slurred, but making conversation seems easier. Suddenly the dude sitting across the bar looks more like Ryan Gosling than Steve Buscemi.
Vox - What it’s like to be a recovering alcoholic in an office where booze is everywhere
I am 16 months out of an intensely abusive relationship with alcohol. At home, my wife helps me stay sober by supporting me and encouraging me to drink flavored seltzer water instead of the craft beers I used to down at every opportunity. But for the majority of my waking hours, I am constantly tempted to drink — at work, where alcohol is everywhere.
Daily Mail - Women who consume just FIVE alcoholic drinks around the time of conception 'at greater risk of having an obese child'
Women who drink alcohol around the time they become pregnant dramatically increase the odds that their baby will become fat in later life, according to a study.
The Guardian (UK) - I used to drink too much. We Brits have an alcohol problem – video
Deborah Coughlin found herself at an alcohol counsellor after drinking 220 units over a birthday weekend. Ten years and some therapy later, she hardly hits the recommended allowance of 14 units weekly for women. She argues that Britons have a big problem with drink, and that many are searching for excuses to stop
The Independent (UK) - Temptations of alcohol being replaced by lure of social media for many young Britons, says new study
The temptations of drink are being replaced by the lure of social media for many young Britons, some of whom worry that their reputations would suffer from drunken antics posted online, according to new research.
The Slovak Spectator (Czech Republic) - Children can easily buy alcohol
YOUNG people in the Czech Republic are the biggest drinkers in Europe in their age group, and while there has been a slight improvement among Slovak youth they can still buy alcohol without a problem, the Sme daily reported on July 16.
Herald Sun (Australia) - Teen girls lead ballooning booze culture in Australia
TEENAGERS are drinking almost double the amount of alcohol than adults, as our national culture of boozing continues to balloon.

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