Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Alcohol News - 30/2015

Barents Observer (Russia) - Russia tightens regulations on alcohol
Since June 2015, distribution of many everyday goods, such as toothpaste and cleaning products, is a complicated case in Russia. New federal regulations on alcohol consumption state that products containing over 0.5 percent alcohol are subject to licensing.
BBC (UK) - Review begins into benefits for drug and alcohol addicts
Drug and alcohol addicts could lose their sickness benefits if they refuse treatment under a review now under way. - New Bill Seeks $48M For In-Vehicle Alcohol Detection
A new bill has been introduced that would provide funding to the Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as part of a collaborative research effort to prevent drunk driving injuries and fatalities.
The Economist - Daily chart: Alcohol consumption around the world
THE world may be getting warmer, but it is not getting much wetter. It quaffed 249 billion litres of alcoholic drinks in 2014, a modest increase of 1 billion over the preceding year. (Scotland) - Minimum pricing 'could curb heavy drinkers' access to strong alcohol'
Minimum pricing for alcohol could reduce the social harm caused by curbing access to strong ciders and spirits, researchers have found.
Daily News & Analysis - Why is alcohol bad news for your liver?
We all know alcohol causes liver damage, and that often becomes the butt of jokes during a long night of drinking. But that extra glass of whiskey or wine can do much more damage to your body than you thought, and liver is the first organ to take the hit.
Greater London Authority (UK) - Mayor extends sobriety tag pilot, following 91 per cent success rate
A scheme to tackle alcohol-related crime through the use of compulsory electronic ankle tags has proved such a success it is being extended, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced.
News Every day - Income and Education Determines Alcohol Consumption, Study Suggests
According to Gallup's annual poll, which sheds light on American consumption habits, your income level and education influence how much you drink, as well as what you drink, The Guardian reported.
WGEM (UK) - More baby boomers drinking more alcohol
A recent extensive study by English researchers finds that alcohol consumption is on the rise in adults over 50 years old. (New Zealand) - The alcohol industry would prefer that alcohol did not cause cancer
Alcohol Action New Zealand and the Cancer Society ran a joint one-day conference recently at Te Papa to discuss alcohol and cancer.
Tuoitrenews (Vietnam) - Vietnam will curb alcohol consumption, ban smoking in 2035
In 2035, Vietnam would pride itself on lower consumption of beer and alcohol and a non-smoking society, Nguyen Bich Thuy, a 28-year-old female contestant in the “Ky Vong Viet Nam 20 Nam Toi” (“My Expectations for Vietnam in 20 Years”) writing competition, said in her entry.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Alcohol, junk food next plain packaging targets, lawyer warns
Regulators in Australia could look to introduce graphic warning labels on packaging of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and food that is unhealthy, a senior partner from Herbert Smith Freehills warns.
ABC Online (Australia) - Alcohol "the most serious problem we've got": Coffs Harbour Magistrate
A North Coast magistrate says alcohol addiction remains the most serious substance abuse problem facing the community, with the 'ice epidemic' a non-issue by comparison.
Daily Mail (UK) - DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR: That glass of wine isn't a reward... it's a poison
Mrs Richards was shaking her head in flat denial. ‘You’ve made a mistake, doctor. I can’t be an alcoholic. I’m not some tramp in the gutter — I’m a fully functioning housewife who pays her taxes and listens to Radio 2.’
Irish Times (Ireland) - Publication of alcohol Bill delayed until autumn
Publication of legislation to introduce minimum pricing for alcohol and regulate advertising has been delayed until the autumn, creating doubts about its planned passage by the end of the year.
BusinessTech (South Africa) - Govt pushing ahead with tighter alcohol laws
The Department of Trade and Industry is pushing ahead with its plans to raise the legal drinking age in South Africa from 18 to 21 years.
Irish Independent (Ireland) - Irish drink driver levels above European average in new operation
Irish drivers were more likely to be above the drink-driving limit than the European average, figures a new policing operation show.

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