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FASD News - 46/2014

Medical Xpress - Study reveals much higher prevalence of fetal alcohol exposure
Nearly five percent of U.S. children may be affected by fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, according to a new study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The number is significant given
that previous estimates put the occurrence of these disorders at around one percent. - Partnership offers tools to help parents keep babies safe
Safe Babies is a program offered by the Jefferson County Community Partnership to help parents of newborns provide a safer life for their child. It offers classes to parents on sudden infant death syndrome, shaken baby syndrome, prenatal drug exposure and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Should drinking alcohol when pregnant be illegal?
Lawyers for a seven-year-old child with foetal alcohol syndrome, argue the child should receive compensation from the government-funded Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority as this child has been the victim of a crime. In this case the mother is alleged to have drunk heavily during pregnancy, despite warnings that this might harm her unborn child. For compensation to be awarded, the court must agree that the mother's actions were criminal.
Argus Leader‎ - Fetal alcohol syndrome affects many children
Dr. Gene Hoyme, a clinical geneticist and president of Sanford Research, talks about fetal alcohol syndrome in children, and what research shows about who is affected.
Western News (Canada) - Study confirms dangers of fetal alcohol exposure
It represents the biggest single cause of developmental disabilities among newborns in Canada and the United States – exceeding $14 billion in health-care costs annually. And while the prevention of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) remains a high priority, Western researchers are convinced an alcohol culture will make it tougher to get the message out – no matter how much proof scientists provide.

David Boulding - Fetal Alcohol and the Law - Part 1
These two short animated films, about 10 minutes each, are for those who want a quick yet thorough introduction to Fetal Alcohol and the Law. We made these films because the topic of fetal alcohol goes to the heart of the difficulties in law, medicine, education, social services, and how we spend, or do not spend, our tax dollars.
Fetal Alcohol and the Law - Part 2
These two short animated films, about 10 minutes each, are for those who want a quick yet thorough introduction to Fetal Alcohol and the Law.
CBC - FASD classrooms in the northwest could be used as a model across Canada
The Keewatin Patricia school board has set up special FASD classrooms in Kenora, Dryden and Sioux Lookout.
YourAlberta - Strengthening Parent-Child Attachment Relationship in Children and Parents
Dr. Sonya Vellet and Mary Berube provide practical suggestions about what parents can do to strengthen relationships with FASD affected children and, thereby, give them the best start in life.
The Arc of the United States - FASD Prevention Series: Effects of FASD
FASD Prevention Series: What is Risky Drinking?
UMN Psychiatry - Neurodevelopmental Disorder associated with Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - Prenatal risk factors and postnatal central nervous system function
Risk factors prior to birth can be subdivided according to timing, duration, dosage of exposure, and their mode of action; these variables determine which tissues/organs in the offspring are affected and to what extent.
Drug and Alcohol Dependence - Maternal risk factors for fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in a province in Italy
Underreporting of prenatal alcohol use has been demonstrated among Italian and other Mediterranean antenatal samples, and it was suspected in this sample. Nevertheless, several significant maternal risk factors for FASD have been identified.
European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - Identifying maternal risk factors associated with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: a systematic review
To identify the demographic, psychological, and social maternal risk factors associated with the development of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). A bibliographic search was conducted in PubMed, SciELO, Lilacs, Web of Knowledge, and PsycINFO.

Gość Bielsko-Żywiecki (Poland) - Walczymy z legendą "lampki wina"
Kiedy ponad dwustu uczestników konferencji słucha prelekcji w absolutnej ciszy i zasypuje wykładowców gradem pytań, temat musi być niebagatelny...
Solinger Bote (Germany) - Solingen: Fachtagung zur Fetalen Alkoholspektrum- störung
Solingen/ Am Dienstag, 18. November findet in Solingen ein Fachtag über die Fetale Alkoholspektrumstörung (FASD) statt.

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