Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Alcohol News - 45/2014 (Finland) - Closer watch on alcohol imports
Over the past four months, Finnish customs officers have questioned over 3000 passengers and scrutinized imports of 37,000 litres of drink brought in from Estonia. The crucial question is whether the alcohol is intended for personal use or not. Almost all travelers seem to have taken the rules to heart.
The Telegraph - FIA President Jean Todt under fire for failure to ban alcohol sponsorship in Formula One
Jean Todt, the FIA President, has come under fire for failing to ban alcohol sponsorship in Formula One, as pressure to ban alcohol advertising in sport at a European level grows. (Australia) - Young Australian women are most dependent on alcohol
THEY’RE out at clubs late at night, drinking to excess and paying for it the next day. Young, cashed-up professional women are the most “high risk” or dependent on alcohol, new research claims.
Lifehacker - This Infographic Shows How Alcohol Contributes to Weight Gain
We already know that drinking alcohol adds calories and affects our metabolism, but the extent that alcohol contributes to weight gain is pretty sobering.
Manchester Evening News (UK) - Call for drink-drive limit to be slashed to ZERO as police launch Christmas blitz
In Greater Manchester, which has the worst record in the country for under-18 drink-driving - police say they are already sending a clear message that the only truly safe limit is to abstain.
BMC Medicine - Why does society accept a higher risk for alcohol than for other voluntary or involuntary risks?
Societies tend to accept much higher risks for voluntary behaviours, those based on individual decisions (for example, to smoke, to consume alcohol, or to ski), than for involuntary exposure such as exposure to risks in soil, drinking water or air. In high-income societies, an acceptable risk to those voluntarily engaging in a risky behaviour seems to be about one death in 1,000 on a lifetime basis.
New Zealand Doctor Online (New Zealand) - Enough is enough: drunks in EDs being violent and harming others
In the largest survey of alcohol harm in emergency departments undertaken in Australasia, the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) has demonstrated that alcohol harm is having a devastating effect on patients and clinicians in Australia and New Zealand.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - 92% of emergency staff abused by drunks, poll finds
Pushing, punching, spitting and biting are all behaviours emergency department staff have to deal with when treating drunk patients, a new survey has found - and a startling nine out of every 10 staff have been subjected to the abuse.
BBC News (Estonia) - Estonia: Council plans Tallinn booze ban
Stag-night organisers may have to drop the Estonian capital Tallinn from their weekend itinerary, as the city council plans to introduce a major clampdown on public drinking.

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