Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Alcohol News - 4/2014

The Japan Times (Japan) - Alcohol dependency in Japan
An estimated 6.45 million people in Japan suffer from alcohol-related problems. Among them are 800,000 people who suffer from alcohol dependency severe enough to require medical treatment, yet only 40,000 of them receive such treatment each year, according to findings of a research team of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry. Excessive drinking costs the nation ¥4.15 trillion and 35,000 lives annually.
Oxford Mail (UK) - Keeping track of alcohol consumption with drink scratch cards
A GO on a scratch card usually carries the promise of a big cash win, but health chiefs are using them for a more serious message.
Civil Society Media (UK) - Drinkaware changes board after criticisms over links to alcohol industry
Drinkaware has radically overhauled its trustee board, and taken the decision to limit the number of trustees employed in the alcohol industry to two, after an independent audit found that the alcohol awareness charity was too close to the drinks industry.
ABC Local (Australia) - Alcohol-related violence concerns police
The head of the Western Region police command doesn't believe three violent incidents over the weekend reflect a trend.
The Atlantic - Drinking During Pregnancy: Even a Little Impairs Childhood Academics
There is conflicting advice out there about drinking a small amount, particularly of wine, during pregnancy. Some research has said it may even be beneficial. Today the National Bureau of Economic Research says that's wrong. (Australia) - Sydney introduces alcohol law to curb violence
Australia’s most populous state has launched a crackdown on alcohol after a series of random one-punch assaults, with liquor stores forced to close at 10pm and nightclubs banned from allowing entry after 130am or serving drinks after 3am.
Daily Mail - One binge in pregnancy 'harms child years later': Children 'more likely to be badly behaved' if their mother drinks more than two glasses of wine
Just one night out during pregnancy can have long-lasting effects on the child’s behaviour, a study suggests.
Authint Mail - Hereditary genes linked to increased cancer risk from alcohol
People who drink and carry two hereditary cancer genes, and are at an increased risk of suffering from cancer owing to an alcohol by-product, says a study.
Yahoo!7 News (Australia) - Fewer drunks presenting to hospital since alcohol crackdown
A drop in the number of alcohol-related presentations to the Royal Adelaide Hospital is further proof the late-night alcohol crackdown is working, the South Australian Government says.
Medscape (Americas) - Alcohol-Related Deaths Continue to Climb
Alcohol consumption directly led to nearly 80,000 deaths per year in 16 North American and Latin American countries between 2007 and 2009, according to new research.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - AMA wants a national summit to curb alcohol abuse and related violence
Doctors will demand the Abbott Government show national leadership on the ''epidemic'' of alcohol abuse by calling a national summit to change the nation's booze-soaked culture.
Berwick Today (UK) - Hidden costs of excess drinking are a growing cause for concern
Health experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the levels of alcohol being consumed in homes across north Northumberland.
The Daily Telegraph (Australia) - Cider bringe drinking on the rise
CIDER is almost twice as alcoholic as beer and full of calories, but it is now the beverage of choice for one in five Australians.

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