Monday, January 13, 2014

Alcohol News - 2/2014

The Local (Germany) - Alcoholism in Germany rises by a third
The number of alcoholics in Germany has increased by more than one third to almost two million, with under-25s being particularly affected, according to a study on Thursday.
Medical Xpress - One question may gauge the severity of unhealthy drug and alcohol use
Primary care physicians seeking to determine whether a patient's drug or alcohol use is problematic often have to rely on lengthy questionnaires containing dozens of items with multiple response options.
The Canberra Times (Australia) - Alcohol-fuelled violence on the rise: medical staff
Emergency specialists such as Drew Richardson see the aftermath of alcohol-fuelled violence all too often. The Canberra Hospital's emergency department say they deal with the consequences of drunken assaults on a nightly basis.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Safer Sydney: NSW government considers alcohol crackdown
The George Street area may be in line for a Kings Cross-style intervention, which could mean restrictions on late-trading hotels in the southern Sydney central business district in a bid to drive down alcohol-related violence.
The Times of Israel (Israel) - Concerns raised over Arab youth’s drug, alcohol abuse
Drug and alcohol abuse among Israeli Arabs is made worse because the society lacks the resources to counter the trend, according to an expert from the Israel Anti-Drug Authority.
The Guardian (UK) - Quarter of Britons give up alcohol in January, says poll
A quarter of Britons have stopped drinking alcohol in January, while nearly a half intend to cut down on their usual intake, a survey has shown.
Daily Mail (UK) - How ministers 'caved into the alcohol lobby': 130 meetings with supermarkets and drinks firms - then they shelved plan for minimum alcohol price
Campaigners have accused ministers of caving in to pressure from the drinks and supermarket industries to drop plans to impose a minimum price for alcohol.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcohol and ‘cattle class’ flying lead to air rage
According to Caitriona Carmody of Carmody & Company Solicitors, the firm that initially represented Lauren, passengers charged in air-rage incidents come from a “wide spectrum” of the general public. What most of them do have in common, she says, is the consumption of alcohol; in fact, in most reported cases of air rage, alcohol is a primary factor, whether taken on its own or – as in Lauren’s case – mixed with other substances.
BBC News - Should there be a word for an 'almost alcoholic'?
Everybody thinks they know what an "alcoholic" is, but what about those who drink too much but fall short of the common definitions of alcoholism? Should there be a word that bridges the gap between alcoholic and non-alcoholic?
Science Daily - By the Numbers: Simple 10 Step Approach to Reducing Harms of Alcohol
Much the same way individuals are encouraged to know their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a new editorial in the Journal of Psychopharmacology urges the European public to know and monitor their alcohol intake number using a simple 10 point plan.

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