Monday, January 6, 2014

Alcohol News - 1/2014

Medical News Today - Young adults 'damage DNA' with weekend alcohol consumption
College students are renowned for partying at the weekends, and this usually involves having a drink or two. But new research has found that this level of alcohol consumption may cause damage to DNA. This is according to a study published in the journal Alcohol.
Medical News Today - Alcohol, tobacco and drug use higher in mentally ill, study shows
New research from the Washington University School of Medicine has revealed that compared with the general population, alcohol, tobacco and drug use is much higher among individuals who have psychotic disorders.
New York Daily News (USA) - Your favorite alcohol could reveal your political beliefs
Democrats prefer Grey Goose vodka and Tanqueray gin, while Republicans would rather drink Wild Turkey and Jim Beam, according to consumer data from GFK MRI. (Kenya) - Moi Warns Over Rising Alcohol Consumption
Former President Moi has warned that the country is slowly slipping back into alcoholism. He said addiction was rampant in the 1970s. Moi appealed to governors and their county governments to check on alcohol consumption.
Myanmar Times (Myanmar) - No sign of booze law as alcohol back on the shelves
Bottles of imported wine and alcohol are back on the shelves of major supermarkets around Yangon despite there being little movement on the part of the government to pass legislation that would legalise its sale outside of select hotels and duty-free shops.
Parent Herald (UK) - ‘Janopause' or the Act of Quitting Alcohol in January Can Make You Healthier
Quitting alcohol for the month of January alone can make people healthier by improving sleeping patterns and aiding in weight loss, a recent study finds. (India) - Delhi court asks govt to revisit policies on alcohol
Expressing concern over rising incidents of crime near liquor vends, a court here has asked the Delhi government to revisit existing policies on prohibition of sale and consumption of alcohol and drugs to ensure safety of citizens. (UK) - Huge increase in towns blighted by alcohol trouble since drink laws relaxed
The number of town centres and neighbourhoods officially classed as being blighted by problem bars and pubs has soared by 150 per cent since Labour relaxed drinking laws, new figures show.
Helsinki Times (Finland) - National Institute for Health and Welfare: disadvantages of alcohol use moderately decreased in 2012
The injurious effects of alcohol use diminished slightly in 2012 compared to the previous year, reveals the recently published Yearbook of Alcohol and Drug Statistics.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Greens push for ban on alcohol promotion during sports
The Greens will push for a ban on the promotion of alcohol in sport, arguing it provides a loophole for the alcohol industry to market its products to children.
Cambridge News (UK) - 'Drinkers are getting younger': 17-year-old treated at Addenbrooke's in Cambridge for alcohol-related liver disease
Addenbrooke’s is one of only two hospitals in the country that has treated a 17-year-old patient for alcohol-related liver disease. Over the past three years, two 17-year-olds have been admitted to hospital with the problem, with one treated at St James’s University Hospital in Leeds.
Nigerian Tribune (Nigeria) - Alcoholic aphrodisiac: Nigerian youths’ new dangerous passion
A generation of alcoholics find new love in aphrodisiacs in bottles. Tade Makinde reports. For Nigerian youths, it is now a case of what the elders can do, the youth can do far better (and much worse).
The West Australian (Turkey) - Turkey hikes consumption taxes on cars, alcohol, cigarettes
Turkey has raised the special consumption tax on new passenger cars, alcoholic drinks, tobacco products and mobile telephones, the country's Official Gazette announced on Wednesday. (New Zealand) - Father wants action on internet alcohol sales
Justice Minister Judith Collins is being accused of having a "rather ostrich-like attitude" to online sales of alcohol to minors by the father of an underage teen caught buying vodka online.
Belfast Newsletter (Northern Ireland) - Government papers: Northern Ireland’s abstinence ‘unique in Europe’
A 1983 Department of Health paper examined what it said was Northern Ireland’s uniquely high level of non-drinkers. It said the level of total abstinence was “possibly unique in Europe”, and added: “Approximately a half of all adult women and over a third of males report that they had not consumed any alcohol in the previous year.
The Voice of Russia (Germany) - Health advice: do not leave drunken friend alone
Germany's health promotion office has issued important advice for teenagers dealing with a friend who may have had one drink too many at a party: do not let your friend go home alone.
Scotsman (Scotland) - NHS could save £600m with early liver screening
EARLY screening for liver disease – often caused by obesity or alcohol – could save the NHS £600 million a year, a charity has said.
Irish Times (Ireland) - Challenging our drinking culture by degrees
Knowing how much you are drinking, exercising moderation, pacing yourself and an absolute no to drink driving are important seasonal messages around alcohol consumption, according to DrinkAware’s chief executive, Fionnuala Sheehan.
Yorkshire Post (UK) - Health warning over ‘white collar’ drinking
HEALTH chiefs have issued a warning amid fears that increasing numbers of middle-class people in Wakefield district are putting themselves at risk through excessive drinking in the home.
The Canberra Times - Unhealthy big business spreading great harm
Tobacco, alcohol, and diabetes related to overweight and obesity all have one feature in common. They are each largely driven, and in the case of tobacco completely caused, by powerful commercial interests in the form of transnational corporations. It has been said that China's booming economy has brought with it a medical problem that could bankrupt the health system.

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