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Alcohol News in 2013 - main headlines

The Telegraph (UK) - Alcohol guidelines 'too high' say doctors
Government alcohol guidelines that were “plucked out of the air” wrongly suggest that we can drink almost daily with no ill-effects, say doctors.
LiveScience (Russia) - Russia in a Froth? Beer Now Labeled as Alcohol
In 2011, President Dmitry Medvedev, who called alcohol abuse a "national calamity," signed off on the tough new restrictions, which took effect Jan. 1. Beer is no longer available at bus stops, train stations or gas stations, and cannot be purchased between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.
The Baltic Course (Estonia) - The Economist places Estonia on top position in its alcohol sale top list
The pocket boom "Pocket World in Figures 2013", issued by the Economist, indicates that more alcohol is sold in Estonia per capita than in any other state in the world, LETA/Public Broadcasting reports.

THL (Finland) - Alcohol-related harm at a high level
The prevalence of alcohol-related harm remained high in 2011, according to the latest Yearbook of Alcohol and Drug Statistics.
Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Alcohol causes half of all drug fatalities
Deaths caused by alcohol are increasing and account for neary half of all drug fatalities, while fatalities from illegal drugs are dropping dramatically.
Prague Daily Monitor (Chech Republic) - Doctors have action plan to fight alcohol addiction
Experts in addiction treatment have worked out the National Action Plan to fight alcoholism in the Czech Republic, which traditionally leads international standings of alcohol consumption, doctor Petr Popov, head of the Society for Addictive Diseases, told reporters Wednesday. - 'Moderate drinkers' underestimate alcohol use by 40 per cent, says health chief
A new official snapshot of the country’s drinking patterns found people are underestimating their consumption by up to 40 per cent.
Daily Mail - Alcohol is 'responsible for 4% of cancer deaths' but doctors are failing to emphasise the risks, warn experts
Alcohol is responsible for four per cent of all cancer deaths with the significant risk to drinkers 'hiding in plain sight', according to experts.
RT (Russia) - Alcohol production in Russia drops 30% in a year
An increase in tax is being blamed for the drop in alcohol production in Russia. According to Rosstat production of spirits has dropped by some 30% in the last year, and some manufacturers have cut production by as much as 80%.
On October 8, 2012, thirteen of world’s largest alcohol producers issued a set of commitments to reduce the harmful use of alcohol worldwide. The commitments were issued in support of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol.

Vancouver Sun (Canada) - Worldwide cost of drinking alcohol during pregnancy could be far higher than expected
The true number of children exposed to alcohol before birth is so poorly understood that the World Health Organization has launched an international study to count them.
The Herald (Canada) - Unhealthy drinking widespread around the world, CAMH study shows
A new study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) shows that alcohol is now the third leading cause of the global burden of disease and injury, despite the fact most adults worldwide abstain from drinking.
The (France) - Alcohol report lays bare France's drink problem
The reputation of the French for drinking in moderation appears slightly misleading after a worrying report released on Monday revealed alcohol is responsible for around 49,000 deaths in France each year - around 134 each day.
The Guardian (UK) - Plans for minimum alcohol pricing reportedly dropped after cabinet revolt
Home Secretary Theresa May appears to have scored a victory by leading a cabinet revolt against minimum alcohol prices.

BU Today - A Drink a Day Raises Cancer Risk, Study Says
How many of us enjoy a glass or two of wine at dinner? How many of us have read that moderate drinking of red wine is good for the heart? How many of us know that even moderate drinking might increase our cancer risk?
Finland Times (Finland) - Google stops alcohol ads
Search engine operator and online marketing company Google has decided to stop advertisements of alcohol and alcoholic beverages in Finland from Tuesday.
aidsmap (EU) - Liver disease a major cause of illness and death across the EU: action needed to save lives
Liver disease is the cause of a considerable burden of illness across the European Union (EU), investigators report in The Journal of Hepatology. The authors calculate that 170,000 deaths each year are attributable to liver cirrhosis, with 47,000 of these caused by liver cancer. The main causes of liver disease were excess alcohol consumption, viral infections and obesity, all of which are “amenable to prevention and treatment”. - Int’l alcohol policy symposium discusses harms of alcohol
The harm that alcohol consumption causes to individuals, families and society as a whole and the possible policies that could be adopted by Turkey and other countries are being discussed at a global two-day symposium that started in İstanbul on Friday.

EurActiv (Scotland) - Scotland wins court case on minimum pricing of alcohol
The Scottish high court ruled on Friday (3 May) that the government has the right to introduce a legally binding minimum price on alcohol, the first of its kind in the EU. The spirits industry says it will appeal the court ruling.
Medical Daily (EU) - EU Report Warns Parents Against Giving Children Alcohol
A report commissioned by the EU cites research showing the long-term health effects of even moderate drinking among children.
New Europe (Turkey) - The law is placing curbs on consumption and advertising
On 24 May, the Turkish anti-alcohol law was adopted by the national Parliament. According to critics, the adoption of the law is a sign of increasing conservative policies followed by the Turkish government.

JUNE - East Africa: Excessive Alcohol Consumption Could Hinder Mdgs, Says EAC Civil Society Platform
The East African Community Civil Society against alcohol abuse has warned that if nothing is done, alcohol abuse could hinder the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
Wall Street Journal - Why She Drinks: Women and Alcohol Abuse
Women's growing predilection for wine has a darker side—and the only way to deal with it is to acknowledge the profound differences between how women and men abuse alcohol.
WHO Europe (Europe) - New publication: Status report on alcohol and health in 35 European countries 2013
WHO/Europe has produced a new publication called "Status report on alcohol and health in 35 European countries 2013".

ETSC (Lithuania) - Lithuanian Presidency makes road safety a priority
“We are in the unique situation where the two countries succeeding each other in holding the EU Presidency have been recognised for their respective efforts to improve road safety,” said Antonio Avenoso, ETSC Executive Director.
Toronto NewsFIX - Women Drinking Alcohol at Increased Risk of Numerous Cancers
Women who drink alcohol are unknowingly putting themselves at increased risk of cancer. This is the finding of a study performed by researchers from Britain’s University of Oxford, who studied more than 1.3 million women.
Scotsman (UK) - Alcohol pricing: SNP to press ahead on price law
THE Health Secretary Alex Neil yesterday underlined his determination to press ahead with alcohol minimum pricing, saying he is fully committed to the “life-saving” policy.

Health-e (South Africa) - Govt moves to stop alcohol ads
South Africans like to drink. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), we are some of the biggest drinkers in the world. But, alcohol kills around 130 South Africans every day and well over half of all road accidents are caused by drunk drivers.
Daily Mail (UK) - Over-65 drinkers in health alert: Doctors call for alcohol safety levels to be halved for pensioners
Doctors and public health experts said heavy drinking among the elderly was a ‘hidden problem’ and safe limit guidelines for over-65s should be halved.
Voice of America (USA) - Excessive Alcohol Drinking Has $223B Price Tag
Excessive alcohol drinking costs Americans more than $220 billion a year, or almost $2 a drink. And the biggest costs come from a loss of worker productivity.
International Business Times (USA) - 1 Out Of 3 ER Visits Are Alcohol Related: Here’s What The Patients Drank
Nearly one-third of all emergency-room visits for injuries in the U.S. are alcohol related. And a new study has found that certain types and brands of alcohol are more likely to be implicated.

News of Iceland (Iceland) - The financial crash reduced smoking and alcohol consumption
The study aims to find out whether and how the economic crash influenced alcohol and tobacco consumption, specifically considering changes in the labour market, i.e. the reduction in the number of work hours and lowering of real income.
ABC Online (Australia) - Police Commissioner likens parents who give alcohol to kids 'drug dealers'
Western Australia's Police Commissioner has likened parents who supply alcohol to their children as drug dealers.

Malta Independent Online (EU) - ALCOHOL STRATEGIES IN THE EU
The World Health Organization reported in 2012 that Europe currently holds the highest per-capita alcohol consumption in the world. Furthermore, it is reported that the average adult in the EU consumes nearly 3 drinks a day - more than twice the world average.
New York Post - Female alcohol abuse is a ‘global epidemic’
Alcohol abuse is rising in much of the developed world — and in many countries, female drinkers are driving that growth. (Ireland) - Ireland set to introduce minimum price for alcohol
Ireland will introduce a minimum price for alcohol - as long as it's cleared by authorities in Europe.
Scotsman (Scotland) - Destroying our health is big business
We should put the interests of the public before those of the companies who sell us drink, cigarettes and bad food, says Evelyn Gillan.

The Parliament (EU) - NGOs have 'high hopes' for EU action plan on alcohol
The European commission has made its intentions clear with recent proposed action plan to reduce alcohol related harm, writes Mariann Skar.
CCTV (Australia) - Patterns of alcohol consumption in Australia unhealthy: report
The Australian National Council on Drugs report (ANCD) confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that levels and patterns of alcohol consumption in Australia are frequently risky or unhealthy and alcohol consumption among young people is "a significant concern."

DECEMBER (UK) - Introduction of 24-hour drinking 'failed to curb alcohol-related violence'
A new study has suggested that the introduction of so-called '24-hour drinking' has failed to have an impact on reducing alcohol-related street violence in town and city centres. - Twitter bans underage followers from alcohol brands
Twitter has begun asking users who try to follow alcohol brands for their date of birth in order to check they are above the legal minimum drinking age.
The Guardian (UK) - There is evidence for effective alcohol policy – why isn't it taken seriously?
The Dr Foster report on hospital admissions linked to drink or drugs details the latest instalment in our troubled relationship with alcohol. More than half a million people have been admitted over three years with alcohol- and drug-related harm and the cost to the NHS is £607m a year.
The Independent (UK) - Revealed: Alcohol and drug abuse accounts for almost one in five hospital admissions among those in their 40s
Almost one in five hospital admissions for people in their 40s is related to alcohol and drug abuse, a new report has revealed. Analysis by data firm Dr Foster shows drug and alcohol dependence accounts for 19% of accident and emergency admissions among those aged 40 to 44 - the highest proportion of any age group.
Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra (Scotland) - Study shows the cost of alcohol pricing
AN NHS report has linked the affordability of alcohol to persistent high death rates in Scotland. A total of three fifths of off-sales alcohol is sold below the Scottish government’s proposed minimum price of 50 pence per unit.
Medical Xpress - Underage youth exposed to alcohol advertising through social media
Researchers from RAND Europe and the University of Cambridge investigated the marketing campaigns of five alcohol companies – Fosters, Magners, Carling, Stella Artois and Tia Maria – to assess their use of social media websites for advertising. The researchers tried to determine whether children and young adults could be exposed to these campaigns.

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