Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Alcohol News - 48/2013

ArcaMax (France) - France battling bulging waistlines, alcohol abuse, survey shows
Despite having one of the best health systems in the world, only one in four people in France is truly healthy, according to a survey released Thursday that pointed to mounting levels of stress, obesity and alcohol abuse.
New Zealand Herald (New Zealand) - Western cultures 'besotted with alcohol'
Western cultures are "besotted with alcohol" and are failing to address the problems it causes, particularly in relation to women.
Mother Nature Network - How 8 common medications interact with alcohol
From the glasses of wine with Thanksgiving dinner to the champagne toast on New Year's, alcohol is often a familiar sight at holiday celebrations. But if you're taking one or more medications a day — whether they're over-the-counter or prescription — is it safe to raise a glass or two, or should you avoid drinking altogether? (Scotland) - Alcohol deaths higher in Scotland than comparable parts of England
People in central Scotland are more likely to die from alcohol-related causes than those in comparable parts of northern England, according to an NHS study.
Salon - Legalized pot could threaten the alcohol industry
As the legalization of recreational marijuana gains momentum across the United States with public support at an all-time high, many advocates eagerly await to see what effect legalization will have on big alcohol. Will it be forced to fight for market share?
Sierra Express Media (Sierra Leone) - Health Network Sierra Leone to wage war on alcohol
The Director of Health Network Sierra Leone, Mr. Robert Kondema Kargbo, has said that his organization is a civil society advocacy group on health issues and human rights as well promoting justice in the country.
ABC Online (Australia) - Health experts alarmed over boom in Facebook alcohol ads
Health experts have expressed alarm about the proliferation of Facebook pages promoting binge drinking, with a fanbase of tens of thousands of Australians.
Al Jazeera America (USA) - 1 in 6 unemployed Americans abuses drugs or alcohol
About 1 in 6 unemployed Americans suffers from drug or alcohol addiction — nearly twice the rate of substance abuse found in working Americans — according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, released Tuesday.
UC Riverside - Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol Disrupts Brain Circuitry
Prenatal exposure to alcohol severely disrupts major features of brain development that potentially lead to increased anxiety and poor motor function, conditions typical in humans with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), according to neuroscientists at the University of California, Riverside.
National Post (Canada) - Robert Fulford: Taking on the pro-alcohol lobby
The word came out of southern Manitoba this week that some of the residents of Winkler object to the creation of the first liquor store in their town’s 100-year history.
Toronto NewsFIX - One Drink With Alcohol Immediately Doubles Stroke Risk
A study has revealed that after you have your first drink with alcohol, your stroke risk nearly doubles. The study was conducted with 390 stroke patients and followed how much alcohol they consumed prior to them suffering a stroke.
Science Daily - Alcohol Use Disorders Linked to Death and Disability
Disorders related to the abuse of alcohol contribute significantly to the burden of disease in the U.S., finds a new study in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. Researchers estimated that in 2005, about 53,000 men and 12,000 women died from issues related to alcohol use disorders (AUD).
Irish Times (Ireland) - Drinking too much is in the blood
Christmas time, mistletoe and wine. The party season is upon us. Behind the scenes the health service is under pressure to cope with a surge in liver disease. - Twitter bans underage followers from alcohol brands
Twitter has begun asking users who try to follow alcohol brands for their date of birth in order to check they are above the legal minimum drinking age.
Financial Times (UK) - UK government rules out U-turn on alcohol pricing
Downing Street said it has no plans to revive alcohol minimum pricing despite its surprise decision to press ahead with plain cigarette packets. - New Griffith research aims to reduce alcohol-related drownings in young men
Looking at the reasons why young men drink and swim is the focus of new Griffith research which aims to reduce the number of drownings. Drowning, a largely preventable problem, continues to be a serious issue worldwide, with young men particularly at risk.
Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (Ghana) - Effects of Alcohol On Society
In one of Julius Caesar’s works, Calphunia, one of the characters stated and I quote " when beggars die there are no comets seen" unquote. This perhaps explains the less seriousness we pay to victims of alcohol who are mostly financially handicapped.
The Nelson Mail (New Zealand) - Women drinking more, and more often
Women are drinking more than ever and the level of harm associated with alcohol is getting worse, a policy briefing paper has found. (UK) - Introduction of 24-hour drinking 'failed to curb alcohol-related violence'
A new study has suggested that the introduction of so-called '24-hour drinking' has failed to have an impact on reducing alcohol-related street violence in town and city centres.

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