Monday, December 9, 2013

Alcohol News - 49/2013

The Independent (UK) - Revealed: Alcohol and drug abuse accounts for almost one in five hospital admissions among those in their 40s
Almost one in five hospital admissions for people in their 40s is related to alcohol and drug abuse, a new report has revealed. Analysis by data firm Dr Foster shows drug and alcohol dependence accounts for 19% of accident and emergency admissions among those aged 40 to 44 - the highest proportion of any age group.
Hollywood Reporter - Study: PG-13 Films Combine as Much Violence, Sex and Alcohol as R-Rated Titles
Researchers find little difference between PG-13 and R-rated films when it comes to risky behavior. "Our findings raise serious concerns about the effectiveness of the MPAA rating system," they conclude.
Press TV (Scotland) - Alcohol kills 20 a week in Scotland: UK’s NHS
Alcohol causes the equivalent of 20 deaths a week in Scotland, according to a new report by Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).
The Star Online (Singapore) - Singapore riot: Residents support MPs call for alcohol-free zone in Little India
MPs from the wards in Little India are pushing for even tougher measures in response to the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs' (MHA) proposal to implement alcohol-free zones in the area.
National Post (Canada) - Public-health advocates pushing for graphic, cigarette-style health warnings on wine, beer and liquor containers
For millions of Canadians, alcohol in its various forms is one of life’s great pleasures, its appeal often enhanced by artful packaging.
STV Local (Scotland) - Report links affordability of alcohol with high death rates
The Monitoring and Evaluating Scotland's Alcohol Strategy said death rates are still twice what they were in the 1980s and persistently higher than in England and Wales. Here's the full story from our colleagues at STV News.
Science Daily - Alcohol in Pregnancy Causes Children to Have Impaired Social Skills
A recent study published in Child Neuropsychology has found that drinking alcohol while pregnant means your child is more likely to develop issues with social skills as they grow older.
Washington Post - A night cap may get you to sleep, but studies show it may also wake you up during the night
We’ve all heard about it. Many of us have experienced it. A few of us even swear by it — enough to partake in a glass or two of wine before crawling into bed.
Prague Post (Chech Republic) - Czechs eat less meat, drink more alcohol
Food consumption in the Czech Republic, particularly consumption of bread, beef, fruit, vegetables and potatoes, decreased last year, the Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ) said at a press conference today. Increase in consumption was registered mainly in the categories of pasta, fish, cheese, chocolate, beer and wine. (Slovenia) - New Publication on Alcohol Policies in Slovenia
According to the Regional office for Europe of the World Health Organization, the Slovenian National Institute of Public Health has launched the new publication: 'Alcohol in Slovenia – trends in the way of drinking, health consequences of harmful drinking, the opinion of stakeholders and suggested measures for effective alcohol policy'.
The Guardian Nigeria (Nigeria) - Smoking, unsafe sex, alcohol 'pose growing threat in poorer countries'
“People need to eat to survive, while they can abstain from tobacco and alcohol without health consequences,” the report says.
Newswise - Combining Alcohol With Energy Drinks Can Lead to Heavier Drinking
Young people who mix alcohol with a caffeinated energy drink drank more heavily and reported more negative consequences of drinking than those who just drank alcohol.
The Guardian (UK) - There is evidence for effective alcohol policy – why isn't it taken seriously?
The Dr Foster report on hospital admissions linked to drink or drugs details the latest instalment in our troubled relationship with alcohol. More than half a million people have been admitted over three years with alcohol- and drug-related harm and the cost to the NHS is £607m a year.

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