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Alcohol News - 26/2010

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland) - Finnish women drinking six times more than they did 40 years ago
Consumption of alcohol by women has increased nearly sixfold in the past 40 years. Researchers see the changes in women’s drinking habits to be one of the most significant individual changes in Finnish drinking culture in recent decades.

Mental Health News (Sweden/Norway) - Alcohol-Related Violence More Common in People Who Repress Anger
Many people believe that alcohol can cause normally peaceful people to become violent. New research shows that intoxication can indeed increase violence, but that the association is strongest for people who normally hold in their anger. In fact, according to this new study, people who do not habitually repress their anger are not likely to be more violent when drunk.
The new study was conducted by researchers at the Swedish Institute for Social Research at Stockholm University in Sweden and the Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research in Oslo, Norway.

7thSpace Interactive (Norway) - Use of alcohol and drugs by Norwegian employees: a pilot study using questionnaires and analysis of oral fluid
The use of alcohol and drugs may affect workplace safety and productivity. Little is known about the magnitude of this problem in Norway.

Baltic Reports (Latvia) - Riga may restrict homemade alcohol production
The Riga municipal government is considering tightening restrictions on homemade alcohol production, but it’s likely to do little to stop curb the widespread practice that has caused scores of deaths over the past few years.

The Baltic Course (Latvia) - Latvian Saeima increases penalties for drunk drivers
The Saeima plenary passed a bill today whereby penalties for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated become a lot stiffer in Latvia.

EPHA (Denmark) - Alcohol, tobacco and food high in fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt will see price increases in Denmark
Although alcohol and tobacco taxes are harmonised across Europe, while respecting the EU taxation harmonisation rules (minimum tax principle) Denmark has decided to go beyond the established minimum levels by taxing certain products higher.

Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (Sweden) - Incidence of Alcoholism in the Revisited Lundby Population, 1947-1997
The Lundby Study is a prospective longitudinal study of an unselected population consisting of 3,563 subjects. The Lundby Study started in 1947, and follow-ups were carried out in 1957, 1972, and in 1997.

Radio New Zealand (New Zealand) - Six-fold surge in deaths from alcohol
The number of alcohol-related deaths investigated by the Coroner's Office has increased dramatically, mostly due to binge drinking.

San Francisco Chronicle (USA) - S.F. eyes alcohol tax to recover health costs
San Francisco would be the first local government in the state to impose a booze fee intended to recover health care costs associated with alcohol abuse now covered by taxpayers. (Angola) - Economic Difficulties Lead to Alcohol Consumption – Physician
Angolan physician and expert in public health, Lourdes da Caridade Walter, on Friday considered in the city of Ndalatando (northern Kwanza Norte province), the lack of employment, self-esteem and proper social conditions as the factors leading to binge drinking and drug abuse.

Daily Mail (UK) - Binge drinking sends high blood pressure cases soaring by 74%
Britain's booze culture has led to a huge increase in patients needing treatment for high blood pressure. The number of adults diagnosed with raised blood pressure - or hypertension - as a result of drinking too much alcohol has jumped by 74 per cent in five years.

New York Times (USA) – Congress Considers Funding for In-Car Alcohol Detection System
A government-auto industry program that is trying to develop a device to detect drunken drivers, which would be installed in all new vehicles, is on track to get a six-fold increase in funding.

BBC News (UK) - Call for all-party meeting on minimum pricing
Opposition leaders have launched an attempt to find alternatives to the SNP's flagship minimum unit price plan for alcohol.

Scope - How parenting style may influence teen alcohol consumption
When it comes to discouraging alcohol consumption among adolescents, parents' attitudes and actions can play a significant role in how much or how often teens drink, according to findings recently published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

The Moscow Times (Russia) - Night Ban on Alcohol Prepared
A Kremlin-backed bill to ban late-night sales of strong beer and hard alcohol at stores and kiosks has been submitted to the government, Vedomosti reported Friday.

The Guardian (UK) - Doctors will urge alcohol ban on all public transport at BMA conference
Doctors are calling for an alcohol ban on all public transport, including intercity trains and cross-Channel ferries, in an attempt to stop drunks annoying fellow passengers.

Herald Scotland - Alcohol and drugs reduce creativity, psychiatrist warns
The idea that alcohol and drugs can stimulate artists, writers and musicians to create great works of art is a dangerous myth and they can actually stifle creativity, a Scots psychiatrist has said.

BBC News (Ireland) - Irish drink-drive limit to fall
The alcohol limit for drivers in the Irish Republic is set to be reduced. The limit for qualified drivers has been cut from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg.

Derry Today (UK) - 40,000 kids suffering 'hidden harm' of booze
The bright yellow leaflet with advice aimed at children looks cheerful and childlike. The content, however, is anything but. Hundreds of these leaflets will be distributed in the coming weeks to children who may be at risk because of their parents' misuse of alcohol and drugs.

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