Monday, June 21, 2010

Alcohol News - 25/2010

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Call for clearer guidelines on alcohol intake during pregnancy
AUSTRALIAN guidelines on alcohol intake during pregnancy are inconsistent and research is urgently needed to establish the effect of low to moderate drinking on the unborn child, researchers say.

Wall Street Journal (China) - The Still-Strong Power of White Liquor
Alcohol still plays an important role in the business world in second- and third-tier cities, however. My experience in Xuzhou was instructive for this Beijinger, who rarely takes part in a culture that has defined generations of Chinese officials and businessmen. (New Zealand) - Wellington council to vote on city-wide alcohol ban
A city-wide liquor ban for Wellington will be voted on by councillors this week. The proposed ban would mean anyone caught with opened alcohol in a public place would be breaking a bylaw.

Daily Mail (UK) - Fury over supermarket chain's 'grossly irresponsible' plan to sell alcohol for 99p a bottle
One of Britain's fastest-growing supermarket chains has been condemned for announcing plans to sell wine, cider and alcopops for just 99p a bottle. (UK) - Bars with 24-hour drinking face 'law and order' levy
Under plans to overhaul Labour’s 24-hour drinking laws, the government wants premises that stay open after 11pm to help pay for the cost of drunken violence on the streets.

Herald Scotland (Scotland) - Cutting alcohol limit for drivers is correct
Sir Peter North’s recommendation that the alcohol limit for drivers should be reduced from 80mg to 50mg per 100ml of blood chimes with British public opinion.

New York Times (USA) - Should Parents Be Jailed When Kids Drink?
It’s graduation party season, which means social host laws that hold parents responsible for teenage drinking are back in the news. Last week, two Harvard Medical School professors were arrested because teenagers were found drinking at their daughter’s graduation party, though they said they did not see the alcohol.

ABC Online (Australia) - Call for campaign to curb parents' drinking
A child protection expert says there has been a steady increase in the number of children in state care because of parental alcohol and drug misuse. (UK) - Five-year-olds should be taught dangers of alcohol: Nice
The National Institute for health and Clinical Excellence, which advises Government on public health issues as well as approving drugs for use on the NHS, has called for improvement to the way sex, relationship and alcohol issues are taught.

RIA Novosti (Russia) - Russia to raise excise taxes on gasoline, alcohol, tobacco
Excise taxes on gasoline, tobacco and alcohol will be raised, the Russian finance minister said on Friday.

Belfast Telegraph (Ireland) - Retail closures to hit booze cruise
The booze cruise could be about to disappear as three UK alcohol retailers pull out of Calais, according to a report.

Motoring (UK) - Reduce blood-alcohol limit, says new report
A recommendation for the first major reduction since 1976 of the amount of alcohol that can be drunk before driving has come with the publication of the UK's North Report. (USA) - MADD calls for industry interlocks
Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is working aggressively to prevent alcohol-related fatalities by pushing legislation calling for "ignition interlocks."

Times of India - One alcoholic drink can triple chances of an accident
A study has found that even a single alcoholic drink can triple the chances of a driver dying in a car accident, as it can increase a driver’s blood-alcohol level by more than half the legal limit.

YLE News (Finland) - One-Third of Finnish Men Admit to Drunk Driving
Over one-third of Finnish men have driven a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, according to a survey carried out for the Väli-Suomen Sunday newspaper supplement. About one-fifth of women admitted the same.

Fresh Business Thinking - Drinks Industry Should Change Way It Works To Help Lower Alcohol Deaths
Reducing deaths from alcohol-related liver disease need not affect the bottom line of the drinks industry, according to a new article published in Clinical Medicine, the journal of the Royal College of Physicians.

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