Monday, June 7, 2010

Alcohol News - 23/2010

BreakingNewsOnline - Alcohol consumption causes Migraine and TTH in Teens
Parents get worried when their teens use to complain of having headache and migraines at normal time. It may be due to the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and coffee, a new study reveals.

Independent (UK) - Tory doctor calls for 'brave' move to raise alcohol prices
Ministers have been challenged to demonstrate political "bravery" and save lives by raising the price of alcohol.

Herald Sun (Australia) - One in three mums drinks alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding – study
ONE in three women drinks alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding, despite knowing the potential dangers to their baby, according to an Australian study.

Police Professional (UK) - NICE recommends action to reduce the risk of alcohol-related harm
A minimum cost for alcohol and making it less accessible are steps needed to tackle the problems in society caused by excessive drinking, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has said.

USA Today (USA) - Campus drinking: Colleges' problem, or society's?
At a conference all about how college health officials can help students solve their problems, one speaker took an unexpected stance in a speech on student alcohol use and abuse: colleges can't do much to stop it.

Seattle Post Intelligencer (Russia) - Aeroflot Bans Alcohol - Has Less In Flight Incidents
Sometimes when you see the results of a study you just want to say, "duh!" Recently Aeroflot, Russia's flag carrier, banned alcohol on some of its longer flights to see if it would decrease in flight disturbances. Not to surprisingly, they did see a decrease.

Scotsman (Scotland) - 40p a unit alcohol 'not enough' says expert
SCOTLAND has "drunk itself into a corner" and only measures to reduce the easy availability of alcohol will help resolve the country's serious health issues, a conference will hear tomorrow.

RedOrbit - More Teens Abusing Prescription Drugs, Alcohol
According to a study published on Thursday, one in five US high school students said they had abused prescription drugs, such as OxyContin and Percocet.

BBC News (Wales) - Welsh parents warned on under-15s alcohol consumption
Parents in Wales have been warned that under-15s should not drink alcohol - even under supervision.

Belorusskie Novosti (Belorussia) - Young people demonstrate in Minsk to raise awareness of alcohol and drug abuse
Around 30 young people staged a demonstration in Minsk on Thursday to express their worry about alcohol and drug abuse in the country.

The Press Association (UK) - Plans to 'cut drink-drive limit'
Ministers are considering proposals to slash the alcohol limit for drivers, it has been reported. - Binge drinking adolescent monkeys' brains seriously damaged by alcohol
Binge drinking is increasing in adolescents, and new research has shown long-lasting damage to an important area in the brains of adolescent monkeys after binge alcohol consumption, and suggests binge drinking could seriously affect the memories of adolescents.

New York Times (USA) - Appeals and Alcohol – Can We Be Persuaded to Drink Less?
Economists are often accused of being a dour lot, whose grubby focus on molding behavior with carrots and sticks ignores what is noble in the human spirit: higher cognition, altruism and innate goodness.

The Guardian (UK) - Binge drinking: only one measure can solve our drink problem
When the health watchdog National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence – or Nice – last week produced its much-anticipated recommendations to curb alcohol abuse, things turned nasty.

BusinessCar - Volvo to introduce alco-lock technology
In-car technology to halt drivers over the alcohol limit could arrive in the UK by the end of the year.

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