Monday, September 28, 2009

Alcohol News - week 39/2009

BBC (Scotland) - Alcohol pricing could save £950m

Charging a minimum price for alcohol could save Scotland £950m over 10 years by reducing the harmful effects of drinking, researchers say.

Washington Post (USA) - Alcohol-Sniffing Anklet Saves Money but Stirs Privacy Fears

The biometric anklet represents a recent technological breakthrough whose popularity is gaining as state and local governments search for ways to close budget deficits during the recession.

Reuters (Italy) - Pressures mount as binge-drinking hits Italy

In a country where proverbially "wine makes good blood" -- a popular belief that moderate alcohol intake makes people good-humored and can be healthy -- the authorities are grappling with a youth drinks culture modeled on the heavy-drinking north.

Reuters - Obesity, alcohol, depression interlinked for women

Alcohol abuse, obesity and depression seem to go hand in hand for many women, according to the first study to look at how the three relate to one another over time in young adults.

ABC Online (Australia) - Richer communities 'more impacted by alcohol crimes'

A study has found that richer rural communities are more affected by alcohol-related crime than poorer communities.

Newsday - Drinking alcohol may worsen year-round allergies

The reason your allergies are making you crazy all the time might have nothing to do with your significant other's cat (or dog, or carpet). It might be due to what you're drinking before, after or with dinner. Cutting back on beer, wine and cocktails could mean less sneezing, a clearer nose and more comfortable eyes.

Big Hospitality (UK) - Gov to allow more flexibility on alcohol measures

The government has announced plans to introduce a new law that will allow pubs, restaurants and hotels to sell wine in smaller measures and beer and cider in two-thirds of a pint size glasses. (France) - One for the road? Film forces France to admit its drinking problem

One for the Road, the real-life story of a journalist's battle with alcohol, sparks debate over the country's self-image as a nation of moderate wine-lovers.

Press Trust of India - Alcohol's benefits 'exaggerated'

In a new research, scientists have claimed that there is no "conclusive proof" that drinking alcohol in moderation benefits the heart.

Monsters and - Binge drinking weakens the immune system

Binge drinking doesn't just mean a hangover the next day. It also means a weakened immune system and a heightened chance of an infection, report US scientists.

Daily Mail (UK) - Labour ministers accused of being 'soft' on alcohol warnings

Ministers have been accused of colluding with the alcohol lobby to water down new warning labels on drinks.

Scotsman (Scotland) - Minimum drink price would save 70 lives in first year, study shows

A MINIMUM price for alcohol of 40p per unit would eventually save hundreds of lives a year, a Scottish Government commissioned study will reveal this week.

MedPage Today - Booze May Interfere with Controlled-Release Mechanisms

Consumption of alcohol may interfere with controlled-release drugs, potentially sending an excess of active ingredient into the bloodstream, researchers say.

YLE News (Finland) - Tax Increases Give Boost to Alcohol Imports

Imports of alcohol beverages by Finnish travellers have increased significantly since the turn of the year following an increase in alcohol taxes. Personal tobacco imports meanwhile declined.

The Baltic Course (Estonia) - Estonia will increase tax on alcohol and tobacco in 2010

The Estonian government agreed yesterday on principle on next the state budget 2010 and in order to cover spending in this budget, the state will increase the excise tax on alcohol and tobacco, Estonian dailies write.

Swedish Presidency of the European Union (EU) - Harmful alcohol consumption hinders social progress

On Wednesday 23 September the Swedish Presidency, in cooperation with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services, and co-sponsored by the World Health Organisation, conducted a Global Expert Meeting on Alcohol, Health and Social Development.

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