Monday, September 7, 2009

Alcohol News -week 36/2009 (Ireland) - Call for clearer labels on alcohol

The Health Service Executive's Alcohol Implementation Group has recommended that clear health-warning labels be placed on all alcohol products sold in Ireland. (Australia) - Aussie kids 'having first drink aged 10'

PARENTS are still giving children alcohol, sparking more warnings about the devastating effect even a small amount can have on a developing brain.,27574,26041839-421,00.html

Ynetnews (Israel) - Rabbi Sherlo: Alcohol abuse in religious public alarming

Rabbi Yuval Sherlo, one of religious- Zionism's most prominent figures, urged the sector to curb its alcohol abuse, which he defined as "alarming".,7340,L-3772718,00.html

ABC News (USA) - One in 10 Binge-Drinkers Drive Afterward: Study

More than 10 percent of U.S. adults who binge-drink admits to getting behind the wheel after doing so, a government study finds.

Los Angeles Times (Russia) - Russia president takes out after alcohol

Dmitry Medvedev has launched a PR campaign against drinking, accompanied by blistering condemnations. But no leader has ever cracked down on Russia's epic drinking and been kindly remembered.,0,7832349.story

Reuters (USA) - Women Urged Not to Drink While Pregnant

Learning disabilities, mental health issues and behavior problems are just some of the issues that afflict babies exposed to alcohol in the womb, yet some doctors still tell their patients it is safe to have a drink now and then while pregnant. (UK) - Poorly labelled alcohol leaves consumers in the dark, warns charity

Despite a voluntary agreement between industry and government, almost half of bottles do not provide information vital for consumer health.

New York Times (USA) - When Getting Drunk Is Cheap

Anyone who has spent time around a college campus knows that the local bars offer drink specials to entice the party crowd.

The Local (Sweden) - Young men at greater risk for alcohol dependence

The number of young men who drink sufficient amounts of alcohol that they risk becoming dependent has almost doubled in four years, according to a forthcoming report from the National Institute of Public Health (Statens folkhälsoinstitut – FHI).

The Associated Press (Italy) - Italian minister: OK to drink (a little) and drive

Should two glasses of wine disqualify someone from getting behind the wheel? Italy's agricultural minister says no — and has ignited a storm of criticism.

The Australian (Australia) - Push for ban on alcohol sponsorships 'political'

THE sports, alcohol, media and advertising industries are among those crying foul over a government report that recommends phasing out alcohol sponsorship of sport and advertising of unhealthy food and drinks on television before 9pm.,25197,26015364-5013871,00.html

Science Daily - How Alcohol Blunts Ability Of Hamsters To 'Rise And Shine'

Chronic alcohol consumption blunts the biological clock’s ability to synchronize daily activities to light, disrupts natural activity patterns and continues to affect the body’s clock (circadian rhythm), even days after the drinking ends, according to a new study with hamsters.

The Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Danish youth start boozing early, but they’re happy

In the latest report on children’s well-being in the OECD’s 30 countries, Denmark ranks in the top eight in five of the study’s six main categories.

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