Monday, September 14, 2009

Alcohol News - week 37/2009

The Associated Press (UK) - British doctors call for ban on all alcohol ads

British doctors called for a ban on alcohol advertisements Tuesday, saying the move was necessary to challenge Britain's dangerous drinking culture.

IOL (South Africa) - Expert urges SA to ban alcohol ads

South Africa should consider banning the advertising of alcohol, a British expert says. - Alcohol Abuse May Lead To Overeating, Depression

The benefits of social networking during after-work “happy hours” may be mitigated if the get-togethers involve excessive alcohol consumption.

Reuters (Russia) - Medvedev orders swift anti-alcohol controls

Russian President Dmitry Medvedvev on Friday gave his officials three months to enact tough restrictions to try and curb alcohol abuse.

Dynamic Business (Australia) - Australian businesses lose $5.6 billion to alcohol

Alcohol is harming Australian businesses in more ways that one, a new report has found.

Phnom Penh Post (Cambodia) - Study shows rise in youth alcohol use

Children as young as 14 are regularly drinking alcohol in Cambodia, according to a new study that has prompted fresh calls for strict age limits on alcohol consumption across the Kingdom.

Science Daily - Obesity, Alcohol Consumption And Smoking Increase Risk Of Second Breast Cancer

It is well known that survivors of breast cancer have a much higher risk of developing a second breast cancer than women in the general population have of developing a first breast cancer. However, little is known about what lifestyle factors may make survivors more vulnerable to a second cancer.

Science Daily (USA) - Heavy-drinking Colleges Showing No Improvements

U.S. colleges with the biggest student drinking problems have so far failed to turn the tide, according to a new study.

Irish Times (Ireland/EU) - 'Worrying' alcohol use in pregnancies

PREGNANT IRISH and British women drink more heavily than women in other EU states, an alcohol and pregnancy conference at the European Parliament in Brussels heard yesterday. (Sweden/EU) - Report criticises Swedish alcohol policy

A new report says the restrictive Swedish alcohol policy with high prices and taxes for alcohol has failed to meet the claimed objective of reducing alcohol consumption and excessive drinking patterns.

NPR (Mongolia) - Widespread Alcohol Abuse Clouds Mongolia's Future

At midnight in Mongolia's capital, Ulan Bator, 14 people are in the "sobering-up" cells at a district police station on a recent evening. This and police stations like it are on the frontline of Mongolia's battle against alcohol abuse.

Scotsman (Scotland) - SNP curb on drink prices is condemned in America

THE Scottish Government's flagship proposal to tackle the nation's alcohol problem has been attacked by US drinks companies who have urged ministers to abandon their minimum pricing policy.

Guardian (UK) - Drink and drugs a leading cause of youth deaths

The deaths of more than 3,000 young people in the UK every year could be prevented and many are precipitated by Britain's drink and drugs culture, a leading child health expert claims.

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