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Alcohol News - 5/2024

Health Policy Watch - Huge Increase in Cancers Predicted by 2050 – Driven Mainly by Tobacco, Alcohol, Obesity and Air Pollution
New cancer cases are projected to increase by a massive 77% between 2022 and 2050 – mainly as a result of tobacco, alcohol, obesity and air pollution.
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CBC (Canada) - Musicians say alcohol and the industry are intrinsically linked, but some want to change that
When Nicole Ariana stepped up to the mic in front of a packed crowd at a downtown Halifax club, she hadn't had anything to drink. That, she admits, was a relatively new experience, though she's been performing for a decade.
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The New York Times (USA) - Teen Drug and Alcohol Use Linked to Mental Health Distress
Teenagers who use cannabis, alcohol and nicotine are more likely to have underlying psychiatric symptoms, and worse symptoms, than their peers who are not regularly using substances, new research has found.
Read more - Olympic sponsorship deal with beer company AB InBev criticized as ‘cynical’ and ‘an odd pairing’
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) descended on a London bar earlier this month to make a historic announcement: for the first time, the Olympics would be partnering with a beer company.
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Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Australia) - Distillers push moratorium on spirit excise increases, but Alcohol and Drug Foundation warns against it
Distillers say the tax is rising so rapidly it's crippling businesses, but the Drug and Alcohol Foundation warns any change to the regime would put more people at risk of harm.
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The Ohio State University (USA) - After 7 years, alcohol control program still reduces child abuse
A neighborhood alcohol control project in Sacramento that reduced cases of child abuse and neglect soon after implementation still had a positive impact seven years later, a new study found.
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The Portugal News (Portugal) - Alcohol hospitalises 4,500
The authorities recorded more than 4,500 hospital admissions with the main diagnosis attributable to alcohol consumption in 2022, a year in which rapid and excessive consumption ('binge') and drunkenness increased, particularly in women.
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ScienceNorway (Norway) - Highly educated people drink more, yet they face fewer alcohol-related health problems
People with higher education stand out in terms of the amount of alcohol consumed and the timing of their drinking. They often have a glass of wine or a beer in the middle of the week.
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Stylist (UK) - The number of women ‘drinking themselves to death’ has skyrocketed – why?
The number of women dying from alcohol-related issues has increased by over a third, according to the latest statistics.
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Mirage News (Australia) - Alcohol lobby ploughs $1.3m into political parties
Companies that profit from alcoholic products and their lobby groups donated more than $1.3 million to Australia's major political parties in the last financial year, including large sums from groups lobbying for cuts to alcohol taxation.
Read more (Canada) - CMHA says don’t forget addictions when discussing mental health
The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Ontario is reminding Ontarians to include addictions in the conversation around mental health.
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IAS Blog (UK) - Conflicts of interest in alcohol policy: What do UK policy actors think about industry involvement?
Alcohol industry interference has been identified as a major barrier to reducing alcohol-related harm. Public health actors have consistently argued that alcohol industry involvement in policymaking represents a conflict of interest (COI) because of private companies’ fiduciary responsibility to maximise shareholder value, and thus to prioritise profits over public health.
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European Society for Medical Oncology - Obesity and Alcohol Are Contributing to Increases in Bowel Cancer Rates among Young Adults
Overweight and obesity are contributing to rising death rates from bowel cancer among people aged 25-49 years in the European Union (EU) and the UK, although death rates from this type of cancer are decreasing overall across Europe.
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AlcoholAndCancer (Spain) - Tobacco, alcohol, and age significantly increase cancer rates in Spain
Spain is expected to see 286,664 new cancer cases in 2024, marking a 2.6% increase from 2023. This data is part of the "Las cifras del cáncer en España 2024" report, presented by the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM) and the Spanish Network of Cancer Registries (REDECAN).
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AlcoholCampaign (Belgium) - TOURNÉE MINÉRALE 2024
The eighth edition of Tournée Minérale, a campaign initiated by VAD/De Druglijn, is launching again, challenging everyone to abstain from alcohol during February.
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