Friday, November 17, 2023

Alcohol News - 46/2023

Lake Geneva News (USA) - In surprise move, Senate approves overhauling Wisconsin alcohol industry
In a surprise move, the Wisconsin Senate approved a measure Tuesday overhauling the state’s alcohol industry despite the proposal being held up for months in a committee.
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Health Policy Watch - Global Initiative Aims to Reduce Alcohol Consumption Via Increased Taxes
Alcohol has had a fairly easy pass from public health authorities – although the World Health Organization (WHO) recently asserted that there is no safe level of drinking, upending many people’s cherished illusion that a glass of alcohol at the end of the day is harmless.
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News Medical - Alcohol consumption linked to accelerated biological aging
A new research paper was published in Aging (listed by MEDLINE/PubMed as "Aging (Albany NY)" and "Aging-US" by Web of Science) Volume 15, Issue 20, entitled, "Alcohol consumption and epigenetic age acceleration across human adulthood."
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The Conversation - For decades, mothers have borne the brunt of scrutiny for alcohol use during pregnancy − new research points to dad’s drinking as a significant factor in fetal alcohol syndrome
Men drink more, are more likely to binge drink and are almost four times more likely to develop alcohol use disorder than women, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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The BMJ (UK) - Alcohol harms: the UK government is missing in action
This autumn the UK government has initiated two public consultations on alcohol policy. The first is about labelling of no alcohol and low alcohol products, proposing to increase the amount of alcohol permitted to be described as “alcohol free” 10-fold to 0.5%.
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The Local (Denmark) - Denmark to restrict alcohol sales to under-18s
Denmark will restrict alcohol sales to minors and increase taxes on nicotine products to combat a worrying rise in consumption, the health ministry said Tuesday.
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NordAN (Denmark) - Danish health organizations criticize new prevention agreement as inadequate for protecting youth
Three leading Danish health organizations have expressed strong disappointment in the newly unveiled prevention agreement aimed at protecting children and young people from the harms of tobacco, alcohol, and nicotine. The agreement, presented by a majority of parties in the Folketing (Danish Parliament), has been criticized for its lack of effective measures, particularly in the crucial areas of tobacco and alcohol control.
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South African Government News Agency (South Africa) - Fighting the harmful effects of alcohol
Many South Africans thrive on celebrations, whether it is a national accomplishment such as winning the Rugby World Cup, or a personal achievement such as passing an exam. These celebrations are often accompanied with dancing, singing and of course alcohol.
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Forbes (USA) - Alcohol And Its Effect On The Health Of Native Americans
President Biden proclaimed November 2023 to be National Native American Heritage Month, a time to reflect and celebrate the enormous contributions of Native Americans to American culture and society, including but not limited to the arts, humanities, sciences and public service.
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The Guardian Nigeria (Nigeria) - From Recreation To Chronic Diseases, Poverty: How sachet alcoholic drinks breed alcoholism, thwart national devt
The intractable economic downturn in the country led to the presentation of alcoholic beverages in pocket-friendly sachets and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles by distilleries.
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Mirage News (Australia) - Urgent Action on Alcohol Crisis Required, Says Australian Report
A comprehensive national report, published today by Alcohol Change Australia, calls for urgent government action to address the lack of public awareness concerning the health risks associated with alcohol use in Australia.
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The Irish Independent (Ireland) - Alcohol Action Ireland included in just one meeting on licensing laws changes with Justice Minister Helen McEntee
Justice Minister Helen McEntee and her officials met or phoned alcohol industry representatives eight times in reforming licensing laws, but met an organisation working to reduce alcohol harm only once.
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IARC - IARC-led study finds that 2 million lives are lost to preventable cancers each year across seven countries
Each year 1.9 million lives are lost to cancers caused by four preventable risk factors across the BRICS countries (Brazil, the Russian Federation, India, China, and South Africa), the United Kingdom, and the USA, according to a new study by researchers from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Queen Mary University of London, and King’s College London.
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Balance NE (UK) - Nearly 500 North East adults a year dying from cancers due to alcohol
NEARLY 500 adults in the North East are dying each year from cancers due to alcohol. The figures have been revealed as a powerful new campaign aimed at reducing alcohol harm in the region launches (Monday 13 Nov).
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AlcoholAndCancer (Italy) - Breast cancer in Italy: Alarming increase due to alcohol
The Italian Association of Medical Oncology (AIOM) at its XXV National Congress in Rome has highlighted a critical health issue: the significant impact of alcohol consumption on breast cancer cases in Italy.
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