Thursday, September 7, 2023

Alcohol News - 36/2023

news | ERR (Estonia) - Tartu considering time restrictions on alcohol sales
Tartu City Government is considering introducing new time restrictions on the sale of alcohol. According to the police, doing so would reduce the number of early morning callouts to deal with incidents at the city's nightclubs, which have not fallen even during the summer.
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NZ Herald (New Zealand) - Concerns alcohol too widely available in Whanganui as community survey gets under way
The availability of alcohol in Whanganui is coming under fire from community members, despite new alcohol laws aimed at clamping down on appeals to local alcohol policies.
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The Independent - Alcohol and rising obesity led to ‘alarming’ surge in cancers in young people
Drinking alcohol, smoking and obesity have contributed to a huge surge in the number of cancer cases in younger people, new research suggests.
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Forbes (USA) - Older Adults Alcohol Consumption Is On The Rise, So Too Are Accidents
Alcohol use among senior citizens is on the rise. Although historically older adults were less likely to drink than younger adults, recent studies show that older adults are now drinking more frequently and in larger quantities than in the past.
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Newstalk (Ireland) - 15% increase 'should be' imposed on alcohol excise duty - Alcohol Action Ireland
Budget 2024 is right around the corner and Alcohol Action Ireland are calling for an introduction of excise duties on alcohol and also a levy on drink companies such as Diageo.
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Raconteur - Tippling point: why employers should welcome the rise of ‘mindful drinking’
The so-called sober-curious movement is gaining momentum, especially among generation Z. Knowing the impact of drinking on productivity, should business call time on alcohol’s integral role in British working culture?
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Alcohol and Drug Foundation (Australia) - The cost-of-living crisis and alcohol and other drugs in Australia
The cost of living is increasing for many Australians. But what affect does this have on drinking and use of other drugs? Here we look at the impacts, and where to seek support if you or a loved one are affected.
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IAS Blog - Readiness to Change? Post-Pandemic Practice Pressures and Alcohol Related Brain Damage
Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) is an umbrella term that reflects the long-term consequences of alcohol consumption on the brain. Whilst the link between alcohol and liver damage or cancer for example, is well recognised, the association between alcohol consumption and long-term cognition, function and behaviour is often overlooked.
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Euractiv (EU) - Will you soon see cancer warnings on alcohol in the EU?
There was much talk about cancer warnings similar to the ones used for cigarettes on alcohol products sold in the EU after a recent law proposed by the Irish government.
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