Thursday, December 29, 2022

Alcohol News - 52/2022

Insider - It's official: Alcohol isn't cool anymore. Here's how a movement that began in 2018 became mainstream — resulting in a sober New Year's Eve ball drop.
The Washington Post reported in 2018 that the "Monitoring the Future" survey from the University of Michigan suggested that millennials and Gen Zers were drinking less than baby boomers and Gen Xers did at their age.
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Daily Trust (Nigeria) - Lagos Lawyer’s Killing: Reps Want Police Officers Barred From Taking Alcohol
The House of Representatives has called for a ban on police officers from consuming alcohol and other hard substances capable of inhibiting their sense of reasoning.
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Bangkok Post (Thailand) - Nan has nation's heaviest alcohol use: survey
More alcohol was consumed in the northern province of Nan last year than in any other province, according to a survey aired at a seminar organised by the Centre for Addiction Studies.
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MLlive (USA) - People often don’t think about it, but health consequences of alcohol use can be deadly
One of the most popular party nights of the year is fast approaching and chances are good adults will be sipping something other than hot chocolate.
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KBR (South Korea) - Korea's double standard for alcohol vs smoking
In Korea, even daytime drinking on the job can be considered normal depending on where you work. Interestingly, however, when it comes to smoking, the same laissez-faire attitude is not adopted. However, they are both labeled as Group 1 carcinogens by the World Health Organization (WHO).
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Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - Athletes dare to break the link between alcohol and sport, so let’s just do it
As Australians settle in to watch the Boxing Day Test, it’s a good time to talk about the increasingly uncomfortable link between alcohol and sport.
Read more - Study: Family has much influence on alcohol consumption of child
Children who see family members drinking alcohol have a higher chance of consuming so much that they get alcohol poisoning.
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HealthShots - Christmas 2022: Diabetics, be cautious of alcohol during the holiday season
Heading to a club or a friend's house for Christmas or New Year's eve party? Your friends might try out different drinks, but if you have diabetes then you should stay away from alcohol during holidays.
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News Medical - Elite male football players who played in the 1960s and later have lower risk of alcohol disorders
Elite male football players have a lower risk of alcohol and drug related disorders than men from the general population, but this protective effect was seen only for those who first played in the 1960s and later, not for players from earlier eras, finds a study in the Christmas issue of The BMJ.
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Gateshead Council (UK) - 1 in 7 in the North East planning to take a month off drinking in January
One in seven adults in the North East is planning on taking a month off drinking this January, according to a new survey. It comes as the annual Dry January campaign is launched in Gateshead.
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Otago Daily Times - NYE: How 'dirty drug' alcohol affects brains of young drinkers
Police in Wanaka have bought in a rugby giant to hammer home the message of keeping young people safe this New Year’s Eve.
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ABC (Australia) - Chief Minister Natasha Fyles blames former federal government for rise in alcohol-related harm in NT
The Northern Territory Chief Minister has denied responsibility for a surge in alcohol-related harm and violence in Central Australia after the lifting of long-term grog bans.
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NordAN (Finland) - Women go Dropless more often than men - health the best motivator
According to a survey conducted by Kantar TNS OY, 15% of people who drink alcohol celebrated a Dropless January in 2022. Dropless is increasingly popular with women, as more women than men celebrated a Dropless January.
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