Thursday, June 30, 2022

Alcohol News - 26/2022

Gateshead Council (UK) - North East parents urged to talk to their children about alcohol
With exams over and summer holidays on the horizon, parents are being warned about the risks of providing teenagers with alcohol.
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BBC - Tik Tok alcohol post banned for 'drunk' claims
A TikTok post by a young influencer advertising an alcoholic drink has been banned.
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Discover Magazine - The Long-Term Effects of Alcohol on Sleep Quality
Many of us are familiar with the experience that is waking up with a particularly bad hangover, the result of too many sugary mixed drinks at a college party or perhaps too many spiked eggnogs at an office holiday party.
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Stuff (New Zealand) - Support for alcohol law review shows it's 'long overdue', says Māori health advocate
“For too long now, our Māori and PI (Pacific Island) communities bear the burden of problematic drinking and the subsequent harms.” That’s the message from Hāpai Te Hauora chief executive officer Selah Hart after Waipā District Council’s ringing endorsement of a review of New Zealand’s alcohol laws.
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Africa News (South Africa) - Royal House of Mandela calls for ban on alcohol after tavern deaths
Following the deaths of 21 minors at the Enyobeni tavern on Sunday, 26 June, the family of South Africa's late leader Nelson Mandela has called for all community taverns to close and alcohol to be banned.
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Daily Record (Scotland) - Minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland could rise as SNP ministers launch review
The minimum unit pricing of alcohol in Scotland could soon rise after SNP ministers launched a long-awaited review of the controversial policy.
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ABC (Australia) - Dry July is a chance to cut back on drinking, detox and gain control of alcohol consumption
Alcohol is embedded into Australian culture and plays a central role in many people's social lives. From weddings to weekend sporting matches, after work gatherings and even funerals – it can be difficult to escape from the sight, or offer, of an alcoholic drink.
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Daily Express (UK) - Cancer warning: Popular UK drink can cause 'several types' of cancer - 'strong agreement'
CANCER cuts far too many lives short in this world and the grim statistics are unlikely to improve anytime soon. However, it is possible to modify your risk of the potentially deadly disease. There is a "strong agreement" that curbing a particular drink can help, according to health body Cancer FactFinder.
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The Scotsman (Scotland) - Ban alcohol advertising in public places in Scotland, report recommends
A report from Alcohol Focus Scotland and a group of international experts have said the high visibility of alcohol advertising means people are “constantly bombarded with positive messages” about the effects of drinking.
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Alcohol Focus Scotland - Scottish charity calls for ban on all alcohol promotion
AFS and a group of international experts call on the Scottish Government to introduce a ban on alcohol marketing.
Read more (Estonia) - Survey: Alcohol consumption and harm increased in 2021
In 2021, the Estonian population consumed an average of 11.1 litres of absolute alcohol per adult (15+) population, which is 2.3% more than a year earlier. In the background of general wage growth, alcohol has become more available, according to a study commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and conducted by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research.
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