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Alcohol News - 16/2022

Global News (Canada) - Southern Alberta town council votes to keep long-standing alcohol ban in place
The Town of Raymond has decided to stay ‘dry’ and uphold its longtime prohibition of alcohol sales. After several weeks of public engagement, members of council defeated a motion on Tuesday that would have allowed licensed restaurants in the community for the first time.
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Wales Online (UK) - Alcohol price hikes could hit UK partygoers heading to Spain for boozy break
Time could be called on binge drinking for UK holidaymakers in Spain with the country pushing to implement European Union tax rises on alcohol. Health professionals are urging Spanish government officials to increase the price of alcoholic drinks and raise the legal drinking age, in a draft bill aimed at preventing underage drinking.
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Wired - The End of Alcohol
Glamorous influencers are blending science and superstition to help people “change their relationship to drinking.” Did I miss out by getting sober the old-fashioned way?
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NZ Herald (New Zealand) - Te Puke: Alcohol sale rules changed, booze ban extended
New times for when alcohol can be sold and a ban on public alcohol consumption in urban Te Puke are among changes to alcohol rules and regulations for the Western Bay.
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The Mandarin (Australia) - Research commissioned into alcohol availability and domestic violence
The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority in New South Wales has commissioned research to determine what links exist between the availability of alcohol and domestic violence.
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PsyPost - Emotional abuse during childhood is linked to alcohol-related problems in later life through increased insomnia
A recent study suggests that children who suffer emotional abuse go on to experience increased insomnia, and in turn, more alcohol-related problems during adulthood. The researchers behind the study suggest that addressing childhood trauma may be one avenue of treatment for dysregulated drinking. The findings were published in the journal Addictive Behaviors Reports.
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Food and Wine Magazine (USA) - Alcohol Brands Shouldn't Be Making 'Clean' Health Claims, TTB Says
The United States has a history of being a bit stricter with alcohol than other products — dating back to Prohibition when the government banned booze entirely. As such, unlike other drinks, alcoholic beverages are overseen by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) which has to approve product labels — and sometimes, packaging can run afoul of these rules with, for example, references to drugs.
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ABC (Australia) - The vicious cycle of alcohol and anxiety
Anxiety and alcohol misuse are a common pairing. How do the two egg each other on and what can be done to halt the cycle?
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Majorca Daily Bulletin (Balearic Islands) - Is it last orders for cheap booze in the Balearics?
A quick cheap caƱa and a tapa could be coming to an end in Majorca and across the rest of Spain if the European Commission has its way.
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Tribune Online (Nigeria) - Diet Rich In Fruits And Vegetables, Alcohol Abstinence Can Prevent Heart Failure — Experts
A diet rich in fruits and vegetables and reduced alcohol intake have been declared as low-cost interventions to significantly reduce blood pressure and hence prevent heart attack in individuals with hypertension in Nigeria, a study has said.
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“There are multiple reasons why people were drinking more and why we’re now seeing additional morbidity and mortality related to alcohol,” says Margie Skeer, an associate professor of public health and community medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine.
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International Agency for Research on Cancer - The Cancers Attributable to Alcohol website
The Cancers Attributable to Alcohol website is part of the Global Cancer Observatory (GCO) and aims to provide estimates of the preventable cancer burden using a standardized analytical approach for all countries. At least 1 in every 25 new cancer cases results from alcohol consumption, with 740 000 new cancer cases in 2020 attributable to alcohol consumption; these findings underline the need for continued prevention efforts.
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