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Alcohol News - 11/2022

Copenhagen Post (Denmark) - Denmark aiming for a smoke-free generation
As part of a new health reform, the government has confirmed its long-term aim is to ban the sale of tobacco to those who were born in 2010 and after. An 18-year limit will also be introduced for the purchase of alcohol in shops.
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Outlook India (India) - Over 43 PC Underage Drinkers In Delhi Have Alcohol Two To Four Times A Week, Finds Survey
It revealed an increase in alcohol consumption by the underage, a rise in expenditure on alcohol and the ease with which youth were able to purchase and consume alcohol at various places without any checks.
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WHO Europe - Towards a WHO European Region free from harm due to alcohol
Open online regional consultation with members of the public on the Framework to strengthen implementation of the WHO European Action Plan to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol (EAPA), 2022 – 2025.
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ITV (UK) - Pregnant women should not drink any alcohol, new advice suggests
Women who are pregnant should not drink any alcohol, new advice suggests. However, proposals from the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) that any alcohol consumed by pregnant women should be recorded and put on the child's medical records to spot potential risks to their child, were scrapped.
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LSE Blogs - It is through excessive consumption of alcohol that football games trigger certain domestic abuse perpetrators
Reports of domestic abuse rise after football matches. Ria Ivandic, Tom Kirchmaier and Neus Torres Blas find that binge drinking is the key factor, with alcohol-linked violence against live-in partners happening more often on match days.
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Stuff (New Zealand) - Ignoring fetal alcohol spectrum disorder costs the Government billions, expert tells Waitangi Tribunal
If the Government doesn't listen to experts calling for immediate changes to the systems that support and prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, maybe it will listen to the money.
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SAMRC (South Africa) - Clear link between alcohol abuse and gender-based violence, evidence review finds
Whether there is a link  between alcohol and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) or not is a contentious issue. While opinions on the matter vary among researchers, policymakers and ordinary citizens, a recently-released evidence review raises noteworthy observations.
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IAS (UK) - The Marketing and Consumption of No and Low Alcohol Drinks in the UK
We’re delighted to announce that the latest report from our Small Grants Scheme – ‘The Marketing and Consumption of No and Low Alcohol Products in the UK’ – has been launched, following January’s webinar presentation on the report. The report was written by Dr Emily Nicholls, University of York.
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Scottish Families (Scotland) - Alcohol Culture in the Workplace
Have you ever thought about your workplace’s drug and alcohol policy? I hadn’t given it much thought until suddenly the news was full of reports of a “culture of drinking” at Downing Street. It seems obvious that you shouldn’t drink or take drugs at work, why would your employer even need to tell you it’s against the rules!
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