Thursday, January 20, 2022

Alcohol News - 3/2022

LRT (Lithuania) - Lithuanian parliament thwarts moves to loosen restrictions on alcohol sales
The Lithuanian parliament voted on Tuesday to reject proposals on liberalising the rules on alcohol sales.
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Reuters (Norway) - Norway eases COVID rules, allows some alcohol serving to resume
The Norwegian government will partly reverse a ban on serving alcohol in bars and restaurants, one of several policy changes as it seeks to relax COVID-19 restrictions, the prime minister said on Thursday.
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World Highways (France) - Drink driving dangers in Malaysia and France
Drink driving and poor attitudes to the offence are causing additional risks for road users in countries as far apart as Malaysia and France.
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Good Magazine (New Zealand) - Dermatologists warn summer alcohol consumption may increase the risk of Melanoma
Alcohol and the sun could prove a lethal combination in developing skin cancer, with tattoos also proving an additional risk factor for the deadly disease, according to a leading melanoma expert.
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The Guardian - UK pupils taught about alcohol with ‘misleading’ industry-funded Resources
Schools are using “misleading and biased” information materials funded by the alcohol industry to educate pupils as young as nine about drinking, according to a study.
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CNN - How Dry January's continued presence reflects society's evolving -- and divisive -- relationship with alcohol
Ditch meat for a month with Veganuary. Start that new gym membership, or try this new diet. The onslaught of demands to "start the new year right" seems endless.
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EU Science Hub - Cancer in Europe: 5 things the data tells us
Over the last century, Europeans have been living longer, healthier lives with big advances in medical treatments, social conditions and in our understanding about health in general.
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EurekAlert - Alcohol purchasing patterns of British households changed in COVID-19 lockdowns
A new study of British households finds that, while overall alcohol purchases did not change after COVID-19 lockdown measures began in 2020, purchases did increase for households in socially disadvantaged areas and for households that normally buy more alcohol.
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SJSU Blogs - How Alcohol and Stress Impact Parenting During a Pandemic
Raising children during the pandemic isn’t easy. Combine that with the effects of alcohol, and it could lead to a more punitive approach to parenting, according to one San José State University researcher.
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RTE (Ireland) - Why alcohol and the workplace are a toxic cocktail
Opinion: as Boris Johnson and the UK government are finding out, drinking in the workplace comes with many dangers and costs.
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Irish Examiner (Ireland) - 10% of motorists admit driving after a night out while possibly being over blood-alcohol limit
Around 1 in 10 motorists admit they have driven the day after a night out over the past year while possibly being over the legal blood-alcohol limit.
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Kenosha News (USA) - History of anti-drunk driving advocacy
The year 2022 marks 40 years of tracking alcohol-related driving trends and major changes to how the United States legally and socially tolerated drunk driving.
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