Thursday, November 4, 2021

Alcohol News - 44/2021

WebMD - Think a Little Alcohol Might Be Healthy? Think Again
Wine lovers, beer drinkers and those who enjoy a martini now and then have long been told that moderate drinking beats total abstinence. Unfortunately, new German research is throwing some cold water on that advice, finding that premature death among non-drinkers is likely the result of unrelated health problems that have little to do with the decision to forgo Chardonnay or Tanqueray.
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USA Today - Pandemic Drinking: Alcohol trends in graphics
As many Americans cope with COVID-19 stress by turning to alcohol, they're weakening their immune systems and risking breakthrough infections.
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NZ Herald (New Zealand) - Alcohol Healthwatch audit: Booze is being sold at 'pocket money' prices
There are calls for the price of alcohol to increase after a new "Cheap Drinks" audit found it costs as little as 77 cents per standard drink to buy booze at some supermarkets and bottle stores.
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CBC (Canada) - Alcoholic beverages need labels with calorie counts, Manitoba group says
A non-profit organization in Brandon, Man., is taking aim at the way alcohol is marketed — and says information such as calorie counts and suggested serving sizes should included on alcohol packaging.
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MASSLive (USA) - Fatal crashes involving alcohol haven’t waned since cannabis legalization, study suggests
New research from Boston Medical Center, Boston University and the University of Victoria suggests that cannabis legalization hasn’t replaced alcohol use among drivers. In fact, many appear to be using both substances.
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The Conversation - Exercise can reduce students’ desire to drink alcohol – new research
Alcohol intoxication, particularly in western cultures, is increasingly regarded as a socially acceptable behaviour, and excessive levels of alcohol consumption has been identified as a significant problem among university students. One study found that 45-69% of UK students engage in weekly binge drinking sessions.
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The Irish Times (Ireland) - Alcoholic liver disease up 30% during pandemic perfect storm, says consultant
A study of admissions for liver disease at Beaumont Hospital has shown an increase of 30 per cent over the 18 months from the first lockdown.
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News24 (South Africa) - ‘Consumption of alcohol critical’
The Law Enforcement Liquor Unit disposed of approximately 6 000L of alcohol – confiscated from public spaces in the past two years – during a liquor destruction event held in Ndabeni last month.
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The Brussels Times (Belgium) - Number of hospitalisations due to excessive drinking rapidly increasing
More and more people are being taken in at Leuven’s emergency departments as a result of alcohol intoxication, including young people, but also those suffering from alcohol addiction.
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CVBJ - Why alcohol is the worst drink to keep your immune system strong
Everything we eat and drink can affect the function and integrity of the immune system. While we can’t be in complete control of not getting sick, it is possible to support immunity through a nutritious diet, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, and managing stress.
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Irish Examiner (Ireland) - Alert for Ireland on cancers driven by alcohol
Between five and 10 individuals per 100,000 people in Ireland are developing cancer every year as a result of their alcohol use, according to the World Health Organisation.
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The Lancet - Sobering evidence that higher taxes will mitigate alcohol-related cancer harms
The idea of taxing harmful commodities to improve population health is an old one. In his conceptualisation of modern economics, Adam Smith wrote that “sugar, rum and tobacco are commodities which are nowhere necessary for life, which have become objects of almost universal consumption, and which are therefore extremely proper subjects of taxation.”
Read more (Netherlands) - More graduates and less alcohol consumption among young people in 2020
With a pandemic ongoing, the year 2020 reshaped the lives of young people in the Netherlands. In secondary education, relatively more students were promoted and almost all final examination students graduated.
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