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Alcohol News - 4/2021

CNN - Alcohol and your heart: Just getting a buzz can trigger an irregular rhythm
The effects of alcohol on your heart can be immediate, triggering an irregular rhythm called atrial fibrillation or AFib, according to new state-of-the-art research.
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ABC News (Australia) - Alcohol-related admissions at Alice Springs Hospital dropped sharply after introduction of alcohol policies, study finds
Alcohol-related admissions at Alice Springs Hospital's intensive care unit fell almost 40 per cent after a series of alcohol reforms were introduced in 2018, a new study reveals.
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Hungary Today (Hungary) - Hungarians Turned to Alcohol to Escape Quarantine
Alcohol consumption increased significantly in Hungary during quarantine in 2020, according to statistics published by the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV). The trends in consumption show that this was not a normal seasonal change, but the direct decision of consumers.
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STAT - Governments’ alcohol subsidies are harmful to public health
Each January, millions of people around the world make resolutions to cut back on the amount of alcohol they drink; many participate in the popular “dry January” pledge to give up alcohol altogether for a month. Given the high societal cost of harmful alcohol use, and the pandemic-driven increase in the use of alcohol, it’s a trend that should be encouraged.
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Filter (Portugal) - Lisbon, Portugal, Brings Alcohol Harm Reduction to Unhoused People
Around the world, unhoused people lost access to drugs they need to survive as a result of disruptions to incomes and reduced retail hours caused by COVID-19 lockdown measures.
Read more (Australia) - Australia tops global survey in alcohol drank during COVID-19, while 35 per cent gained weight
Australia tops a list of nations whose citizens admit they have consumed more booze than normal due to COVID-19 restrictions, an international survey has found.
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Alcohol Justice (USA) - Eight Challenges to Big Alcohol's Power in 2021
Big Alcohol is a term for the most powerful and profitable alcohol corporations of the world. Most Americans have little idea of the true size and scope of the global businesses behind the big brand names, let alone the way their practices endanger public health and safety.
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The Walrus (Canada) - We’re Drinking More in the Pandemic—and It’s a Problem
CANADIANS HAVE TRIED to cope with the miseries of COVID-19 in many ways, including spending more time on the internet, watching television, eating junk food, and playing board and video games. Another method, for at least 23 percent of Canadians, has been increased drinking throughout the pandemic.
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Movendi - Groundbreaking New Report Shows Lethal Interaction Between Alcohol and Coronavirus Pandemic
Alcohol fuels the coronavirus pandemic in different ways, the alcohol industry exploits the current public health crisis and many governments around the world have largely failed to protect their people by using evidence-based alcohol policy solutions as part of the response to COVID-19 – according to a brand new research report.
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The Irish Times (Ireland) - Amazon stops alcohol sales in the North due to Brexit rules – report
Amazon has halted sales of wines, beers and spirits in the North and is preparing to delist more products due to new Brexit customs rules, broadcaster ITV reported on Tuesday.
Read more (USA) - US States Vary in How Drinking Alcohol Affects Cancer Diagnoses and Deaths
Drinking alcohol has been linked with both developing and dying from several types of cancer. That’s why the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) Guideline for Diet and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention states that it is best not to drink alcohol. A new study by ACS researchers supports this recommendation.
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VICE - Women Regret Drunkenness More Than Men, Study Finds
The first results of the Global Drug Survey 2020 are in, offering fresh insights into pan-continental drug-taking and drinking trends that existed before coronavirus stopped people from meeting at pubs, clubs, festivals and in loud smoky kitchens.
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Global Drugs Survey 2020
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CTV News (Canada) - Disciplining sex-assault complainants for violating alcohol policy will no longer be allowed at Ontario colleges and universities
Ontario colleges and universities will no longer be allowed to ask sexual assault complainants irrelevant questions about their sexual history or discipline them for violating an institution’s drug and alcohol policy.
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