Thursday, June 20, 2019

Alcohol News - 25/2019

Live Science - Alcohol Boosts the Risk of Breast Cancer. Many Women Have No Idea
Drinking alcohol is known to raise women's risk of developing breast cancer, but many women aren't aware of this link, a new study from the United Kingdom suggests.
The Independent (UK) - Alcohol sales in Scotland hit 25 year low after minimum unit pricing introduced
Alcohol sales in Scotland fell to their lowest level since records began in 1994 in the first year that ministers set a minimum price of 50p per alcoholic unit.
Japan Today (Japan) - Shibuya bans drinking alcohol on streets for Halloween, New Year
The assembly of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward approved an ordinance Wednesday banning the consumption of alcohol on some of its streets and parks during Halloween and New Year events to address an increasing number of incidents. (Latvia) - Saeima to slash alcohol tax as booze war with Estonia hots up
The Latvian parliament (Saeima) is set to respond rapidly to recent moves in neighboring Estonia by dramatically reducing the excise tax payable on alcoholic beverages as soon as June 20, reports LSM's Latvian service, citing information from the LETA newswire.
The Local Sweden (Sweden) - Booze to your doorstep? Sweden opens up alcohol home delivery to everyone
After a long trial period, Sweden's state-run Systembolaget chain will be able to deliver alcohol home to customers across the entire country.
Isle of Wight County Press (UK) - Alcohol labelling ‘would be mandatory under Labour government’
Strict labelling on alcohol products would be mandatory under a Labour government, shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth has said.
Vox (USA) - Prohibition worked better than you think
America’s anti-alcohol experiment cut down on drinking and drinking-related deaths — and it may have reduced crime and violence overall. (Canada) - Alcohol main cause of substance-related deaths in hospital
Heavy drinking landed Dawn Nickel in the emergency department four times — twice for alcohol poisoning and two more times when she took pills with alcohol to try and kill herself.
Mic - How to maintain sobriety at parties when alcohol is everywhere around you
The arrival of summer not only brings higher temperatures, but the onslaught of invites to seasonal outings like graduation parties, wedding receptions, backyard BBQs, and office happy hours.
Gateshead Council (UK) - Alcohol sponsorship of women's football questioned
Gateshead's director of Public Health has questioned the ethics of the Football Association for accepting alcohol sponsorship for the England Women's team.
EurekAlert - Alcohol advertisements influence intentions to intervene in sexual assault situations
College students who viewed alcohol advertisements that included objectified images of women were less likely than others to report intentions to intervene in alcohol-facilitated sexual assault situations in a study published in the Journal of Health Communication.
The New York Times - The New Sobriety
We all know what sobriety used to be: sober, in all meanings of the word.
Bloomberg (UK) - The City of London Finally Tackles Its Drink Problem
Lloyd’s of London and the London Metal Exchange are bastions of sexism and boorishness. It’s great that they’ve banned alcohol, but it’s only a start. (Estonia/Latvia) - Latvia and Estonia prepare for booze battle over alcohol tax
If Estonia has broken the agreement with Latvia regarding excise tax on alcoholic beverages and started a pricing war, Latvia will have no choice but to respond by reducing excise taxes accordingly, Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (New Unity) told reporters after a meeting of the government Cooperation Council June 17.
BBC News (UK) - The 'brutal reality' for alcohol-damaged children
A mother has laid bare the "brutal reality" of bringing up her adoptive son after he was left damaged by exposure to alcohol in the womb. (Canada) - Alcohol-related deaths remain a ‘silent epidemic’ in Canada: expert
Heavy drinking landed Dawn Nickel in the emergency department four times — twice for alcohol poisoning and two more times when she took pills with alcohol to try and kill herself. (UK) - Alcohol’s harm to others
There’s a lot of evidence about the relationship between alcohol consumption and harm experienced by drinkers such as ill health, disability and death.

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